Under $100: Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Because let’s face it, our dads are worth it right? I’m one of those girls (like most) that had some trouble seeing eye to eye with her father growing up. I’m pretty sure that the rebellious, ambitious, and “always wanting to be older than I was” girl that I was, made my dad’s life quite the living hell. Now as a adult, I applaud my father for handling me the way he did. Don’t tell him I said that though (haha). 

This Father’s Day is also special. It’s the last Father’s Day I’m spending living under his roof. And as much as he says it doesn’t bother him, he’s admitted that it’ll still be tough seeing me go. Despite their harder exterior, dads are the biggest teddy bears out there. So this Father’s Day, I’m committed to spoiling him. You might’ve seen a couple gifts I’ve bought for him already on my IG, but I’ve got some more coming emoji

My dad is huge on golf, clothes, and weirdly enough, brands and fashion! Some of my friends call him an OG because his style in life is literally just not to give AF emoji I wanted to come up with some ideas that he would really like, but thought some of your dads might like them too!

So whether you’ve got 2 pennies to rub together or a whopping Benjamin (or in our case here in Canada, Sir Robert Bordern – although not as cool as a “Benjamin”), here are some awesome Father’s Day gift ideas you can order, ship, and get straight to your door in a jiffy. 

Man, I must be taking after my old man… I just said jiffy emoji

For The Golfer Dad

My dad is a huge avid golfer and I honestly think his dream for me was to be a golfing prodigé. That didn’t happen, so instead, I’m thinking of packaging a “Golf Care Package” for him on Father’s Day. With picks under $100, I feel like that’s a fair compromise to not becoming the next Michelle Wie. 




Puma Spirit Showerproof Golf Jacket ($26)

For those nights that he’s out on the golf course late, battling nasty mosquitos








Titleist Pro VI Golf Balls ($22)

For all of those balls he’s sure to lose in the rough as he ages haha







Halo XL450 Laser Range Finder ($105)

Because let’s face it dad, your eyes are as good at “ballparking” as they once used to be












SKLZ Accelerator Pro 2.0 ($65)

You always said to me “practice makes perfect”, right?








For The Style Conscious Dad

As little as I’d like to admit, my dad has definitely influenced my style growing up. Although his style could be labeled as questionable (he’s like those big, loud, tacky things haha), I love him for it. His style reminds me to be bold and never care about what other people think of it. 






TIMEX Men’s Fashion Classic ($50)

Because you’ll always be timeless to me, dad. 














CASIO Men’s Heavy Duty Chronograph Watch ($49)

A shiny piece of wrist wear that’s sure to make dad the style hit on the golf course. 












Genuine Leather Messenger Bag ($65)

Because dad’s are serious business men outside of the home, but inside of it, they’re the biggest teddy bears. 






For The Techy Dad

My dad has always been my biggest tech mentor. And considering I now work full time and entirely within the tech industry, I feel like I have him to thank for it. He still thinks he knows more than me about computers and technology, but we’ll keep the truth to ourselves haha That’s real love, right?





Kindle Paperwhite ($120)

Because you never stopped inspiring me to chase knowledge, information, and to forever be learning. 











Philips Multigroom Grooming Kit ($30)

Not only because this is a great deal and my dad always taught me to chase after those, but because we want to keep our pops looking sharp. 








Sony Extra Bass Earbud Headphones ($40)

If you’ve ever seen my dad in my IG stories, you’ll know why this is so fitting for him. He is a dancing queen. I say that in the most loving of ways, dad. 






Whatever you end up getting your dad, I’ve learnt that dads will love it (even if they don’t). We’ll forever be their babies, those little packages he lifts to protect and serve. For me and my dad, I know that acknowledgment is probably the most important gifts of all… telling them you love them, that you’re so thankful for everything they’ve done, and, for my dad, that I’ll always be his little girl. 

A huge happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers out there emoji

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