3 Ways To Transition Your Summer To Fall Style

Like John Snow says, “Winter is coming”. And in all seriousness, GOT references aside (but cmon, how amazing was this week’s episode?!), summer is fleeting and fall is creeping in. I’ve never been sad about the arrival of Fall. I’m a Fall baby, so I always got excited when summer came to an end. That and we all finally got to go back to school and hear about what everyone did for the summer. I know, I know, I was a total nerd and loved school. 

Now that I’m a somewhat functioning adult, fall isn’t about going back to school, but it carries a bunch of other excitement with it. From a professional perspective, Q3-Q4 are always the busiest. From a personal perspective, I have an unhealthy obsession with the holiday season and fall always makes me look forward to that. From a fashion perspective, well… WELCOME BACK LAYERING. I’VE MISSED YOU. 


It might be sad to pack away the cut-off shorts and festival style, but we’re trading it in for hands-down my favourite season of fashion. It can be tough though. Transitioning to any season often means new trends, awkward seasonal days (where it’s hot during the day and freezing at night), and a whole new wardrobe. 

I’ve rounded up 3 easy ways I like to transition my summer style into the fall season here, including my go-to transitional uniform that normally gets me through those “I have nothing to wear” days: 



This off-white babe is from my friends at Le Chateau; and without breaking the bank, I know it’s going to be in my closet for a really long time. The make of this Double Weave Shawl Collar Duster Coat is perfectly cut and elevated. It drapes beautifully, but my favourite part is that it’s made in Canada. Woot woot! 

Having a mid to long off-white jacket or duster coat gives you that effortless fall feel with the length, while the white brings summer freshness to your outfit for those sunnier days. It’s THE ultimate perfect transition piece. 




Boots give off an automatic fall/winter vibe, for sure; but they’re no longer confined to the philosophy of needing to see leaves on the ground before wearing them. I find that a really cute ankle bootie that has a sleek silhouette can really be worn for all seasons, and is ultimately perfect for transition weather. 

This sleek pair of Black Satin Booties from Windsor Store is made from a stretch fabric and fits so perfectly around your ankles. One of my biggest pet peeves are boots that flop around your leg. And if you’re happen to proudly sport around clown feet like I do (I’m a Size 10), you’ll love how this pair actually hugs your ankles.



New seasons are always tough because there are new trends. It’s hard not to feel like you need to buy a whole new closet for it. My foolproof trick here is to try and repurpose your neutral items from seasons past and look for in-season items that are neutral to mix and match together. 

This skirt was bought during the summer Zara sale and the no-sleeve turtleneck knit was from an early spring collection at Le Chateau, yet the neutrals make them work seamlessly for any season… but especially that tricky transition weather.


These 3 easy tips literally guide the way I roll out of bed and dress for transition weather. Seasonal changes are hard as it is, picking out your outfit in the morning shouldn’t be. I’m taking my transition uniform and hitting the streets in hopes of finding an early Pumpkin Spice Latté like a Basic B haha I hope you all have an amazing day and happy soon-to-be-fall! 

mel inspired

Full Outfit Details

Cat Eye Sunglasses | Le Chateau | $25
Double Wear Shawl Collar Duster Coat | Le Chateau
Knit Top | Le Chateau
Skirt | Zara
Black Satin Booties | Windsor Store | $35
Cher Earrings | Tje Store | $28
Watch | Daniel Wellington | $265

  • Your trips are really great! I love that duster coat especially!
    xo, janea

    • Mel

      Aw thank you Janea! I always think about them since fall seems to swoop in so quickly here in Toronto. And honestly, Le Chateau has the absolutely best dusters right now. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for one. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Love this combo ! you have a beautiful style


    • Mel

      Aw! Thank you so much! You’ve totally made my day 🙂

  • You look gorgeous and so stylish !!!
    Plume d’Auré

    • Mel

      Thank you so much girl! 🙂