Hello friends and happy whatever-day-you’re-reading-this-on! I hope you’re having an inspiring day! This week has seriously kicked me in the butt, and whenever I have a tough week at work I always revert back to some retail therapy to get me back in that chipper mood. Something about fashion and collecting things that speak to “the life you want to live” inspires me so much.

When I’m “retail therapist-ing”, my favourite thing to do is to pop into shops, try oodles of things on, pick up things that have been on my wish list for a while, and most of all… search for that good score. I grew up in a very stereotypical “asian” household, in that my parents always made it seem like a huge win when we would score a deal (yes, even at the dollar store). And even though I don’t live in my parent’s household anymore, I get that same feeling of satisfaction when I score. 

Today I’m going to share (what I feel like is) a huge score from my most recent shopping adventure. 

Accessories are one of my favourite things to haul, mostly because they’re so versatile. You can mix and match them into any outfit and they suddenly change the entire vibe of the whole look. And my secret to a good accessories haul is a good spot to get it all in one place. I’ve got a couple secret spots for this, but Le Chateau is by far one of my favs for it. The quality of the accessories they carry is incredible and the cost of them definitely makes you feel like you’re stealing the damn thing. They literally look like designer items… without the designer price. The designs are also super unique and statement making, but in a beautifully tasteful and classic way. With $100, you’ve literally got yourself a ton of new goodies to bring home and style. 

With us in the heat of the summer, I figured I would share the perils of my most recent Le Chateau accessories haul and show you some of my favourites that I picked up. They’re all under $35, so they’re massive steals! Truthfully, I hesitate to tell people the price of them when they ask me where it’s from because I’m almost protective over it… but we’re all besties here, so I figured I would share the love. 



Metal Choker Necklace ($18)


Knotted Tassle Fringe Necklace ($35)




Circle Pendant (x2) ($13)


Twisted Metal Earrings ($15)



Woven Fedora Hat ($22)

Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($25)

If you’re like me, seeing these gorgeous pieces and the astonishing price points beside them will kind of make your heart flutter. Truthfully, I’ll walk by Le Chateau almost every time I’m in a mall just to check out what new accessories they have in stock. And even when you’re not in it for a haul, I feel like buying a pair of $15 pick-me-up earrings is totally better than the box of cupcakes that will probably make me sick in 5 hours emoji 

Bonus point? Le Chateau is proudly Canadian… so on top of the awesome deals, they have my support and love any day! 

I hope you’re all having a fantastic summer day (if not, go do a Le Chateau accessories haul emoji) and I’ll chat to you soon! 

mel inspired