4 Blogger Trends You’ve Seen But Didn’t Know

Bloggers have this weird way of spotting and incorporating trends before you even know they’re a trend. And before you know it, you’re sporting the blogger trends. I don’t exactly fall into this bucket. Most of the time, I fall way behind the trend (but forgive me, I’m trying to up my game). 


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It’s kind of amazing how cool blogger communities have gotten and how strong of a unit they’ve become. I speak in third party terms, but I’m very much involved in this community and am so grateful to have met so many incredibly inspiring people. Crazy how all you need is an electronic device and a platform to amplify your voice these days – so long are the days of the monopolized reign of publishing conglomerates!


So here are those 4 blogger trends that have circulated the blogisphere to give you AHA! moment. I promise you’ve seen each more than twice in your feed in the last 24 hours haha


The New Necklace

Bringing back the 90s in full force – the badass choker is one you’ve seen on every Blogger’s Instagram at least once. Why? Because it transforms a simple outfit into a kickass one – all with one little choker. And as much as we work hard, us bloggers are lazy too wink emoji


cp2_0923_sq    cp2_0725_sq


Because Buckets Are Better Than Purses

Remember the first time you heard of Mansur Gavriel? Then you realized, WTF, it’s just a bucket. Well, these buckets have taken the Internet by storm and even if you haven’t heard of the brand, you’ve definitely seen the style. My bucket bag here is a lot less ($$$) than the likes of Mansur Gavriel, but is just as beautiful. The structured handle is my favourite. It’s from Ela Handbags (a fellow Canadian brand, woot woot). And if you want to pick one up for yourself, save that moula with my code: MELHWANG_15 for 15% off girl hand out emoji

cp2_0846 cp2_0840

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They're Worth The Work

Even though it might be a little bit more work, bloggers swear by lace up heels. Chunky block heels, stilettos, or sandals… add some lace up action and your outfit is gold. Luckily this pair from Le Chateau are actually my comfiest pair. Literally, they’re probably just as comfortable as sneakers if you can believe that. Soft leather, a perfectly shaped block heel, and carefully crafted lace up action to never cut into your feet thumbs up emoji


cp2_0927   cp2_0917   cp2_0923


And The Reign of Minimalism

I can whole heartedly say this is one of my favourite blogger trends. It’s one of those silent trends you didn’t realize existed until your entire closet consisted of it. Minimalism comes in all forms – true minimalism, which dotes overstated simplicity, or minimalist-ish vibes, which includes basics, subtly, and layered clean lines. My outfit probably falls under the latter – with this gorgeous asymmetric skirt that’s both sexy and conservative from Lavish Alice.

cp2_0743   cp2_0783cp2_0963


Whether any of these trends warm up to you or not, they definitely exist – and they represent the new world order in fashion that is the bloggisphere. And I love it. I love it because it’s not confined to the “elite class” that it seemingly showcases. YOU are the next blogger, the next influencer, and the next person to dictate where the world of fashion goes emoji

mel inspired

What do you think of these blogger trends? Do you sport any of these?