8 Obvious Things We Forgot During Our Move

The truth is that no one can ever really prepare you for your first home purchase. And boy, do they ill-prepare you if you’re a first time home buyer in Toronto. I thought I had it all figured out before closing on my home… I definitely did not. And now that we’re semi-moved in (the renos still need to get started), I’m starting to realize that there were so many things I totally didn’t remember buying. 

And the things I forgot became the things I realized I couldn’t function without, and were also things that are so obvious, it’s easy to forget them. Now that they’re all officially purchased and in the home, it’s all starting to really come together. I’m feeling more at home, and it’s definitely easier to function with pots and pans… and a mirror. Yeah, I forgot a mirror. And no, it didn’t come with the house (re: it’s a fixer upper, one might say).

They were things so obvious, it was easy to forget them.

Bless up for Amazon. Upon realizing all of the stuff we forgot, Dave and I promptly headed onto Amazon and picked everything up in one cart purchase. It was at our new home in a couple days. We didn’t have to drive, bus to anything, or stress about getting everything in one place. It was perfectly wrapped and at our door waiting for us when we got home from a workday. 

I figured I would share them here to 1) ridicule myself over being so oblivious haha, and 2) to give you a quick check list if you’re moving into your new home. 

8 Things I Forgot To Pack/Buy



ExcelSteel Colander ($10)

So when you wash things to eat… you kind of need this thing if you don’t want to let your veggies sit in the sink. Who knew.










Lagostina Stainless Steel Cookware ($327)

And if you want to cook things… you might need these too. In my defence, I’m not the cook in the relationship, so I never would’ve thought to buy these in advance. Our first night in, wanting to make a home cooked meal… well we definitely realized we couldn’t. Loving this gorgeous minimalistic set we ended up landing with. It’s worth it. 











Vitamix Professional Series 750 ($749)

I don’t cook… but I do smoothie. This pro mixer is also powerful enough to make soup… hot soup… from blending. Mind. Blown.














Rubbermaid Step Stool ($55)

Who knew stools were so handy necessary in a home. It’s hard to do anything (paint, renovate, hang up your doorbell) without it.  












Walnut Finish Stand Mirror ($95)

Because our house is 107 years old and the people who were in it before rented, there were no mirrors when we moved in. Try doing your make up or figuring out if your outfit looks like a hot mess without one of these.








Nest Learning Thermostat ($283 ON SALE)

These things are worth all the rage it’s given! The way it learns your behaviours, turns off when you’re not home, and the fact that you can control the temperature of your house while you’re sleeping… heaven. I overheat at night because Dave is like a furnace, so the latter is clutch. 










Schlage Lock ($259)

I never even thought about this… but apparently the first thing you do when you move into a new house is change the locks. We took that opportunity to get a fancy one (that doesn’t keep your fingerprints, is super secure, and is fool-proof for me because I always lose my keys).










Luxury Hotel & Spa Towels ($31)

Yes. I forgot these. And the first time I went to go and take a shower… I realized (way too late) that I hadn’t brought towels. Took the opportunity to go full white… as my monochrome home would call for. 








I can’t believe I forgot towels! I swear I wonder about myself sometimes haha I hope you enjoyed laughing at all of the things I forgot, but also like some of Amazon home-must-haves we ended up picking up as a result! Let me know if any of these are in your home or if you’re eyeing any of them. I’ll likely be posting more about this “1st home” process on the blog, so stay tuned… it might just be called “an Inspired Home”… 

mel inspired

  • I think when moving we all forget something. The most important thing is that you’ve moved, it’s over, and you can correct any mistakes you made. Congrats on your new place!

    Kia | Kiasalter.com

    • Mel

      Totally Kia! We’re still in midst of our renovations and sadly haven’t moved everything in yet, but I’m definitely keeping my eyes on the prize. Thanks so much!