The cold normally means I’m fully bundled up to the max… and to be honest, it’s not that cute haha It normally just involves a really large parka and layers upon layers of clothing to insulate my depleting body heat. That said, you know I’m a firm believe in the power of accessories changing an outfit and for the winter, I’m back with some essentials that I’ve either picked up already or have my eyes on. 

Since we’re rearing the end of the winter months (thank god!), I have my eyes on accessories that aren’t just winter appropriate, but will also transition well into the spring season. All year seasonal lasting power is a big one in my books (especially with my brain going on a Marie Kondo rampage every time I step foot into my closet).


And, as always my go t0 spot for accessories, Le Chateau, pulled through again will pieces I either picked up right away or still have my eyes on. Rounding up some of my favs why down below: 

1. The Cozy Neutral Scarf:

This baby doesn’t just go with everything; find a lighter neutral colour and it’ll carry you straight into the spring season. 

2. The Paperboy Hat:

A statement and must-have for any girl who has those bad hair days (who doesn’t). This little guy is also an all-season-rounder!

3. The Fedora

I have a ton of these but finding a lighter coloured one will, again, bring you right into the spring season and have you wearing it basically all the time. I have my eyes set on a pink one!

4. Raffia Earrings

I know it might feel too cold for this tropical weave, but if there’s any place on your body you can incorporate some non-seasonal appropriate texture, it’s your ears. I’ve had my eyes on these since I saw them at Le Chateau’s preview, and picked them up right away. 

5. Leather Gloves

Self explanatory, but giving a big shout out to these babies under $50 for saving my life in the past couple of snow storms!



Whichever are your go-to winter accessory essentials, I hope however you’re layering up this chilly season and that you’re doing it in style (and with your eyes sight on spring)… I definitely am haha Have an inspiring day friends!

mel inspired