The New Alcohol-Popcorn You Need To Know About

We truly live in a world of innovation – where you can truly bring anything you dream of to life. It sounds cliché and cheesy (and naysayers are likely exiting this article right about now), but evidence truly shows that this is true. Whether it’s a life of traveling for work, finding best friends online, or even creating your very own alcohol infused popcorn… it’s possible. 

And that’s the story of Toronto based partners, Charlene and Vince, of Eatable Popcorn. Their story is centred around their passion, love, and dreamy sentiments around snacks and good tasting alcohol (sounds like a pair after my own heart). The problem they were out to solve was finding a snack that was not only delicious, but also clean and made with fresh, everyday ingredients. 

Enter, Eatable Popcorn. 

I love that their story wasn’t just about creating something to sell, but was about creating something they genuinely loved to consume themselves, handmade right here in their Toronto kitchen. Eatable Popcorn is an alcohol-infused popcorn inspired by cocktails, wine, and spirits that are made with 100% all natural ingredients. Their kernels are locally sourced (woot woot Canada!), and they don’t add any artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives. They wanted to create something that was not only delicious, but would be a sidekick to life’s moments – whether it’s relaxing at home watching Game of Thrones, celebrating a milestone, entertaining, or decompressing from a long day at work. 

Needless to say, Dave and I were intrigued. 

What does it actually taste like? 

The story’s are all great and fun, but is it worth the hype? Dave and I put that to the test. Eatable Popcorn actually has what they call a 3-pack Connoisseur’s Flight which is the perfect tester to see if this is something up your alley. At an extremely affordable $18 for 3 bags, it’s worth the try. 

We got to try 3 flavours: Whisky On The Pops, Pop The Champagne, and Poppin’ Merlot PB&J. Dave’s favourite was definitely Whiskey On The Pops and mine was Pop The Champagne. All of them included a not over-sweet, delightfully crunchy, pop-rocket-esque experience:

The flavour is jam-packed, but not over-done. It doesn’t make you feel like a bag of crap after you’re done the bag. And no, it doesn’t get you drunk haha 

Ideas With Eatable Popcorn:

After browsing their site, there are so many ideas this innovative popcorn lends itself to. Between $4-10 per bag, a ton of gift sets and combos, and free shipping on $30+ orders, this is going to be my new found secret for gifting and entertaining. I’ve listed some ideas for this on-trend popcorn below, in case you’re looking for some fun ways to have a poppin’ time: 

  • Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Gift: The Pop & Play Couple’s Gift Set is such a unique gift to him and her (and comes with the cutest re-usable tumblers and playing cards)
  • Celebrate Someone: Whether it’s a birthday, picking up a sad friend, or just a “I love you gift” there are some gift options that are both affordable and cheeky
  • Games Night: Or y’know Game Of Thrones Night haha If you’re having some friends over, there are some wicked sets that will have your group of friends split by their favourite popcorn flavour
  • Party Favours: whether you’re thinking of swag bags or wedding guest favours, there are some amazing options to get your party poppin’ (I almost wished I was getting married, so I could use these)

Check out Eatable Popcorn here.

If you’re interested in it, use the code: INSPIRED15 for 15% off their already super affordable options (no commission, just an extra bonus for you to try it out)


Seeing brands like Eatable Popcorn, born out of my hometown of Toronto, Canada, push boundaries and passionately create things like alcohol-infused popcorn is so inspiring to me. As a small business myself, out here just trying to make my dream a reality, seeing something like this makes me believe. 

If you’re looking for a way to wow, definitely check Eatable Popcorn out. I’m sure you’ll be drunk in love as quickly as Dave and I were!


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***This post was made in generous partnership with Eatable Popcorn. However, all thoughts, opinions, reviews, and sentiments are completely my own. Their popcorn is legit


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