Anthro-Inspo From Anthropologie

There is nothing like freshly arranged flowers, cute cups, the scent of luxury candles, and colourful decor to make a girl’s heart sing. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Anthropologie before – but if you’ve never actually stepped into the store, you’ve got a heavenly surprise waiting for you.

I had the pleasure of attending their cocktail party recently to celebrate their new location opening in Toronto, Canada (in the Queen West area, naturally since this store screams “Enter me trendy hipsters!”).  They actually converted an old church into their new retail location and although I was skeptical at first, in fear of being blasphemous or something, walking in there made me just want to stay and live there.

I feel like Anthropologie’s aesthetic is so perfected and that they’ve truly achieved the miracle of changing useless baubles and otherwise tacky trinkets into something so beautiful. They can honestly style a $1 thrifted “antique” (that would probably end up in my garbage can) into something that looks like a $100 designed piece. They transform the ordinary, like an old book, into something unique and intriguing.


I could NOT believe that these were mounted books. How cute is this?!

Their colours and tone palette are a little too boho and earthy for my taste (which, admittedly, is generally cold and modern) but they make me want to turn into a boho-chic home maker.

If you’re a stay at home mom, a blogger, or have a home-office, Anthropologie can seriously fuel you with a ton of inspiration. Their price points are reasonable and a visit to their store will truly make you never want to leave – kudos to their visual merchandisers! That’s how I felt at least. I found myself circling the store, who’s areas are separated by what looks like room, over and over again.


Definitely going to try and DIY this! What a great way to spice up your candles!

The event truly spoke to the philosophy of loving where you live. I’m a huge believer that if you create a space that you feel inspired in all the time, you’ll curb the struggle of feeling drab at home. I have a huge phobia of being at home for too long (I guess I feel unproductive by being at home)… so much so that I get a headache if I spend more than 8 hours in bed. 

The store and its brand is such an inspiration and speaks to feeling great not only about your home, your style, but the life that you live.

Let me know how you feel about Anthropologie’s aesthetic! Do you like it? Does it inspire you?


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