How This App Combines Fashion & Tech Perfectly

For those of you who don’t know, I work full time in digital advertising and ad tech. That means that, yes, I am a huge nerd. Behind the shades and trendy outfits is my love for innovation, start ups, and a secret regret that I never learned code. You bet my kids are going to be enrolled in coding camp as soon as they learn how to type. 


The reason I love tech so much is because of its ability to create something so impactful with just a couple lines of code (okay, maybe a little bit more than just a couple lines, but you know what I mean). Tech has truly changed our lives – the way that we shop, bank, invest, and communicate. That being said, I am ALWAYS on the lookout for new apps and pieces of tech to learn about. I am totally the girl who has a million apps on her phone because she downloads apps from the app store like it’s Boxing Day emoji

I am totally the girl who has a million apps on her phone


Fashion is a realm that has been incredibly influenced by technology. In my opinion, it’s been impacted for the better… much better. It’s made fashion more accessible, more universal, and more a communal art (rather than an elitist one) clap emoji

cp2_3125_sq    cp2_3114_sq

I only heard of the app Fashtory (short for Fashion-Directory) a month ago, but I immediately fell in love with it. It’s a social fashion directory that seems to combine designers, brands, stores, and trendsetters all into one place for you to discover. It is a discovery app – and those are my favourite. It doesn’t pressure, it let’s you create your own path of discovery.


Fashtory is still a fairly new app but it’s already got all the fine tunings for success.



This app was made for you to find new designers and unique items. It finds them so you don’t have to tirelessly scroll through your feeds hoping to land on something that will wow your friends at the next gathering.


This is where things get really special. Fashtory is committed to really getting your name out there – to find a global audience. I love this. There are so many talented designers out there that just don’t know where to start. And this is an incredible place to be discovered. cp2_3128

Fashtory is truly a social network for fashion lovers and creators. What I love most about it is that it’s non-transactional. There’s no pressure to make consumers purchase – which makes them open to learning about you, your brand, and your art.


My first time on the app, within a quick search, I was able to browse through and discover a ton of brands I wanted to learn more about. A couple are screenshotted below. I had never heard of them before, but the image-based discovery allowed me to understand their brand in the matter of seconds.

And we all know how short our attention span is on mobile – that’s why they call it “thumb stopping” wink emoji





img_8250 img_8251  img_8249

It really is an incredible place for designers/stores who are just starting up or who are already established. It’s contract free and it’s essentially free marketing. The app also embraces globalism – so it allows you to find a customer base all over the world and makes it perfect for tourists.


You can download it from the app store (both on the Google Play and App Store). Just search FASHTORY

Big ups to Fashtory for seeing the need in the fashion industry for more connection. I will always support apps who are out there to solve a problem and bring more people together faster, more efficiently, and in a more open way emoji


The world needs more innovation. We’ve come a long way but there’s room for improvement everywhere – and Fashtory sees that.

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What do you think of the Fashtory app? Would you use it?