BEACHY WAVES: Tips, Products, And 4 Easy Looks

There is nothing I love more than easy, breezy, low maintenance hair and hair styles. I know you and I are in the same boat here – we wake up, have horrible bed head, have about 30 minutes on the clock to get ready and out the door, and you sit on your phone for 15 minutes of that 30. I am with you sister. 

Enter our new hair style saviour – the beachy waves…

When I first started seeing this hairstyle all over the internet, I tried time and time again to achieve them, frustrated at the multiple failed attempts I had at creating them. Once I nailed them, it literally takes me a whole 5-10 minutes to create the look and better yet, if you’re styling them properly, they’ll last until your next hair wash. You heard me girl. Your. Next. Hair. Wash.

I wear my beachy waves about 99.9% of my life now, because it’s just that convenient and the looks you can do with wavy hair is endless. I figured it was about time to share the know-how with all of you, beautiful friends. Shame on me for not sharing it with you sooner. Since we all have different types, lengths, and colour of hair,
I partnered up with my BFF Vic (@thelustlistt) to you how each style looks on our two very different types of hair (mine – coarse, short, thick, and Vic’s – finer,  longer, thinner). We’re also teaming up with our friends at OGX (who makes some of my favourite hair products) to show you what to use to really stretch the shelf-life of your beachy waves and each look. 




  1. Use a thin-barrel curling wand/iron to wave your hair 
  2. Section your hair, but curl different sized pieces so your waves don’t all blend
  3. When you’re curling, don’t go all the way to the ends and leave your ends straight 
  4. Focus on the mid-shafts of your hair
  5. Use the right products so it doesn’t weigh your waves down






Look 1: Simple Beachy Waves

Alone, they’re super stars. You look effortless, don’t have to worry about it getting “messy” (that’s a part of the allure), and it looks great on just about every one and every type. Make your waves looser or tighter depending on your preference.











Pair with: 

Protecting + Silk Blowout Quick Dyring Thermal Spray + OGX Bamboo Fiber Full Tousle Spray

Like a good wine, good hair needs that perfect product pairing. I must test hundreds of bottles of product a year to find the ones that really work and these pairings are definitely coming from my special cellar, friends. 

Since I use hot tools on my hair all the time, nothing is more important than a good heat protectant. I love using this thermal spray to keep my hair healthy, make my blow dry time quicker, and also keep the frizz to a minimum. 

After waving out your hair, you might find that it’s a bit too fluffy. The secret to good beachy waves, with that effortless lived-in look, is a good texturizing spray. I love the Bamboo Fiber Full Tousle Spray, mostly because it gives you that texture and piecey-ness without making your hair sticky or fall flat. 





Look 2: The Effortless Top Knot

From cleaning your house to a night out on the town, this look is going to stick with you all the way. If styled correctlt, the waves below your knot give your look more volume and your knot will look fluffy and full. Who doesn’t want the fluffiest top knot bun in the universe (bring on the pom pom). 









Pair with:

Bodifying + Bamboo Fiber Full Dry Shampoo

A girl’s secret weapon is her top knot bun (even Drake agrees – typically paired with a good set of sweats). But wearing this look out is totally do-able. Your waves will give your bun a cool-factor, but to keep the roots around your bun from falling flat, I love using this bodifying dry shampoo that holds body and volume at your roots, pumping it up and absorbing any oils. The best thing about OGX Dry Shampoos is that they never leave that cakey feeling and leave your hair feeling fresh without that white-residue. 




Look 3: Deep Part Cheeky Side Braid

All business on one side, and one heck of a party on the other. These deep side parted braid goes from every day to red carpet real fast. As long as you’ve kept your braid locked up, you’ll be swivelling your head from side to side all day and night. 











Pair with: 

Shea Sleek Humidity Blocking Hairspray + Argain Oil Of Morocco Dry Shampoo

From work, to a dinner party, to the club, this cheeky look gets you through the whole day. I keep it in place by using possibly my favourite hairspray. This smoothing hairspray works double time, keeping your braid in tact, while keeping humidity from impacting your locks. I spray it across the braid and will do a light dusting around my waves. The braid doesn’t budge and its light formula makes sure your waves never fall flat. You’ll be able to break a move and not have to worry girl. I gotchu. 

If you’re looking for that extra volume, I like spraying a bit of the Argan oil dry shampoo to the larger section to keep it fluffy, fresh, and silky. 




Look 4: The Easy Peasy Up-Do

I used to fear “up-dos” like they were my worst nightmare, convinced I could never achieve one. From Look 3 to Look 4 is merely braiding the other side (party on BOTH sides – woot woot), and tying up your braids in a bun at the back. Whether to keep hair away from your face or to look glam AF, this easy peasy up-do has you covered. 










Pair with: 

Shea Sleek Humidity Blocking Hairspray

This hairspray is the real MVP. Spray it on both braids and do a quick mist all over to your entire up-do in tact. For short hair like mine (with tons of baby hairs), this hairspray keeps it all together without making it feel like a helmet glued to your head. Thank me later. I accept ice-cream cones as tokens of appreciation.



With all of the things we’ve got going on in our lives, finding looks and hair styles like these that are quick, efficient, but beautiful as ever, has become a personal passion of mine. I want us all to be able to get up, do our hair in less than 30 minutes, and walk out the door looking like: 

Yes, sista, I woke up like this!

I hope you liked the round up on both Vic and my hair, and love our favourite hair styling products as much as we do. A big thank you again to our family at OGX for supporting us with these blog post, but also supporting our locks with their products on the daily (bless up). You can also check out Vic’s blog post to find out how we solve the problem of not washing our hair and 7 looks to help you get through a week of not washing it! 

Here’s to our hair on the outside matching the effortlessly beautiful selves on the inside!


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Do you like beachy waves? Have you ever used any of these OGX hair products?
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