Beauty Investments From Sephora + Haul Video

Growing up means investing in things – in your house, your body, your kids… and your beauty routines. I used to be a “cheapest-off-the-drugstore-shelf” type of girl before I realized that quality make up and skincare really does a long way. From this new found philosophy, comes my journey of discovery. There’s so many things and products I’ve never heard of (and definitely don’t know how to use); but I’ve determined to figure it out!

p.s. your help is DEFINITELY welcomed 

Sephora has been a huge playground of exploration for me (as I’m sure it is for most of you ladies) and I decided what better way to push myself than to try it all. Everything from concealers, to colour correction (still don’t know wtf this is or how to use it haha), to new neutral lipsticks… I’m trying it (and may look like a unicorn afterwards, but that’s ok haha)

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 7.07.41 PM

Here are all the fun pieces I’m trying out from Sephora’s new spring beauty launches. I definitely have a few favourites already (Tarte brushes – woot woot). Let me know which products you love from Sephora and if you’ve tried any of these!

And yes, I’m finally working on my Youtube channel (sigh, finally indeed). Your support and love means the most to me – if you could toss a thumbs up, comment, and subscribe on the video, I will love you for infinity (because I already love you forever). 


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Let me know what you think of these Sephora products!