Bedroom Transformation Part 1: Inspiration & What We Bought

Guys! I can’t believe it’s December and it’s officially been more than one full year in our new house. We’re celebrating a whole load of firsts this season. Honestly though, it feels like it was just yesterday that we were getting the keys to this hundred year old, 5 bedroom, semi-detached home in the city. Sometimes life moves so quickly, you miss it… although, I will say I don’t miss all the renovations Dave and I ambitiously set out to do by ourselves haha

For those of you who are new to our #InspiredOnOssington Home Project, Dave and I purchased this home in June 2017 and embarked on the journey of tearing down and gutting the entire house, and the mission of building our dream home out of it with our 4 bear hands. I know – ambitious haha 

And yet, here we are! We’re in the decor phase of our last room in the house (at least for now) – our bedroom.

They say we spend almost half of our life in bed… which means this space is pretty darn important. And we’ve truly thought long and hard about how we want our bedroom to look. 

Our house is built off of an modern industrial aesthetic (with a touch more warmth and texture); but as we moved along the process of decorating our home, we realized we really liked a cozy version of the modern industrial look. Such is the life with first-time-home-owners right? You think you like something and it turns into something completely different! And so ensued a whole lot of Pinteresting and bookmarking… and a whole new home transformation series! We did a series similar to this early this year for our living room and received so much awesome feedback from it, so we figured we would do it again for our bedroom.
For those who are new to our home series, we buy SO much of our furniture our decor from our friends at Structube  (so much so that our parents and friends have started to give us Structube gift cards for holidays and birthdays). There’s something about the quality and accessibility of Structube that makes it incredible and so much fun. We have investment pieces from them, but also love to switch things up every season (and the affordability of their pieces definitely helps with that). We are so excited to share that we’ll be working with our Structube family again for our bedroom transformation series here!

So if you’re like us (a young millennial couple, just trying to build their dream(like) home in their city), or perhaps you’re just looking to spruce up your bedroom or are craving something different, we’re sharing our entire planning process of our bedroom transformation here with you today.





The rest of our house definitely has a more industrial vibe, but as we slowly began decorating more rooms, we realized we liked a combination between a colder modern industrial vibe and one that almost felt boho. For our bedroom, especially, we wanted to make sure we decorated it in a way that felt warm and inviting (somewhere we could come to and relax after a long day). When we compared inspiration imagery, we realized that modern boho and modern industrial images were pretty compatible but we made sure to write down a few components we knew we really wanted, and what really stood out to us, to make our dream a reality… 



We always find that creating a mood board (here’s the one we did for our living room) before you do your decor shopping helps A TON. When you have this mood board to refer back to, you don’t pick up anything unnecessary/that doesn’t go with your intended vibe when you’re shopping. When I haven’t done this in the past, it ended up resulting in a lot of clutter that never goes together. 

Here is our mood for our bedroom: 

To no surprise, our favourite furniture and friends at Structube had EVERYTHING we needed and wanted for our bedroom. They have something for basically every aesthetic (at such an accessible price point), but we especially love how they take everything and make it trendy and modern. We found all of those “key” statement items we knew we really wanted…



We found so much success in the process of choosing statement pieces and working around those for our living room, we decided to ise that process again. It definitely helps for those of us in small spaces. I would love a million statement pieces in my bedroom, but realistically, it’ll just make the space look smaller. Here’s what we decided were the key pieces we wanted to build our bedroom around: 



After designing out living room out, we found that using a planning program or, (better yet) just screenshotting and placing out all of the pieces you want to buy, was super helpful. It makes you realize what you need, what’s just pretty but no practical, and what you’re willing to sacrifice or not. This also helps with your budget, because LBH, after buying our house in the city, we’re on high alert when it comes to high price points. 

Luckily, all of the pieces we found and loved from our friends at Structube were well beneath our budget we set out for. 

We spent under $3000 on everything you see below (but budgeted $4000), so we’re over the moon with what we’re going to end up getting. If you’re a frugal-Nancy like me, setting a budget for the entire project helps you to really know your limits and also encourage you to splurge on yourself where you can. 

Here’s everything we end up picking up: 

2. CLARENCE BED ($499)
6. THELMA LAMP ($55)
7. MONA TRAY ($25)
8. KANJI CHAIR ($299)
10. RAMIE COVERS ($85)
11. MK016 ARTWORK ($199)
12. FOXY THROW ($59)

We placed the order for all of these pieces last week and cannot wait for it to arrive to build our new dream bedroom. We’ve seen pretty much everything we chose in the Structube showrooms (which are beautiful are so inspiring – if you get a chance, definitely stop by one of their stores).

The process from ordering everything online to scheduling our delivery date was a breeze. After you place your order (if you chose the deliver to home option, you can also pick up in store for free), they give you a call and find a time that works for your schedule to deliver everything. That’s what I call service!

I can’t wait to share the final reveal with you guys! We’ll be putting everything together next week and sharing it with you here and on our social channels. Here’s to building all the havens in our house we only ever dreamt of having!


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*** This post was made in generous partnership with Structube. All thoughts and opinions are exclusively my own. 

What do you think of our bedroom transformation plan? Have you ever purchased anything/heard of Structube?