Why Bench’s New Campaign Givin’ Me #FEELS

There’s nothing quite like the vibe of youth – the free-spirited, no care, world-is-my-oyster sort of vibe. As much as I’m still very much in my youth, I would even consider 30s still in my youth, it feels like I’m missing out on that vibe. Self-imposed, of course.

We never really think about it, how monotonous, boring, and serious we let our lives become. So caught up in our day-to-days, we lose sight of the joy on life. It’s only when we reflect on it or something catches our eye that makes us think: Shit. I’m wasting my life on this crap.

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That’s exactly what happened when I finally saw the release of Bench.’s new spring/summer campaign and collection.  It was created and shot with that youthful nature – uncontrived, candid, and free. You feel like you’re there, partying with this gorgeous crew. They look comfortable and relaxed; but most of all, they look like they’re having one killer ass time.


This season’s collection was inspired and shot in Barcelona – admittedly, a city I have yet to discover myself. The colours and spirit of the city and culture are really shown in their look book. It’s almost like Bench.’s clothes (as much as I love them, I am one of their ambassadors) take a step back and sort of compliment its surrounding instead of stealing the stage. It’s genius because it’s captivating. There’s emotion, there’s love, there’s laughter, it’s #FEELS written all over it.

s16_Key_looks_Shot09_314 s16_Key_looks_Shot09_352


The lookbook actually takes you on a full day 24 hour journey with Bench, discovering the beautiful city as if you were there too. It brings you from day to night – covering every situation in style and effortlessness (a major highlight of that youthful vibe I was talking about).

s16_Key_looks_Shot21_143 s16_Key_looks_Shot18_189__copy_1_


I did a 24 hour adventure for Toronto with my #BenchPolaroidProject, but I’ll say that Barcelona is definitely a more beautiful setting. BRING ME THERE NOW!


Classically young and fresh, the SS16 collection features pastels and warm neutrals. BUT following on that urban trend, it also features jet-blacks and badass prints. I typically don’t like splashing logos on my clothes, but these pieces are pretty slick.

s16_Key_looks_Shot46_132__copy_1_   s16_Key_looks_Shot47_142

It speaks to that youthful vibe right? Bench knows its audience is this free-spirited, city-dwelling, millennial – so why not design with that in mind, right? At least that’s what I get from the collection.


It’s cool because I find a lot of the pieces in this collection are kind of unisex. I’ve been stealing from the boys, I’ll admit.

Another key theme in the lookbook seems to be #SQUAD. There’s no inspiring sentiment more than can be captured in that single hashtag. The camaraderie, fun, excitement, and adventure is had together.


The symbols they’re pushing hard with these season definitely have this entire philosophy written all over it. I couldn’t help picking up this snapback (that I found in the boys’ section), because of how it’s simple lines and imagery spoke to me. It actually jolted me a bit.

BELOW not part of their official campaign haha emoji

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I’ve been feeling really antsy recently – daydreaming of leaving my entire life I’ve worked so hard to build here and living abroad for a couple years. This hat stopped me and kind of reminded me that the way my life goes is really  up to me. I choose to stay here. I choose to sail the seven seas. I choose to quit my job and move abroad, or not.

DSC_9761 2_sq DSC_9757 2_sq

That’s something we lose as we get more cynical and lose the youthfulness. We get so serious, calculated, and restricted to what we “should” do. And, unlike the models in this look book, we push aside what we “want” to do.

So thank you Bench. Thank you for stopping me in my tracks and reminding me to stay young, enjoy life, and take life just a little less seriously.

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What do you think of Bench’s SS16 campaign? Does it give you the feels?