3 Best Features of the Samsung A5 Camera (Ft. Best Buy Mobile)

Photography is something I’ve been passionate about since I can remember. And ever since then I remember being obsessed with just about anything camera related in the market. From disposable cameras, to those pocket USB cameras, to digital cameras, to DSLRs, to now phone cameras (that are just as powerful as some DSLRs)… I feel like we’ve come so far in the world of capturing moments. 

The last of the list, phone cameras, is probably the most revolutionary milestones we’ve seen in photography and videography. It’s completely democratized the ability to express yourself through the medium. Now anyone, whether you’re a professional or not, can pick up their phones and capture that breathtaking, shocking, or moving moment in the matter of seconds. It’s amazing. 

So whenever I hear of a new great camera on the market, especially when it’s attached to a mobile phone, I feel the urge to pick it up and try it… just like I did my very first disposable camera. 

Discovering The Samsung A5 At Best Buy Mobile 

Best Buy is near and dear to both Dave and I. It was one of Dave’s very first jobs and it’s where I think I discovered my love for technology. I used to have a Best Buy right beside my work growing up and I would always duck into it on my breaks to play with all of their demos (mostly the cameras TBH). 

When I visited Best Buy this time, we stopped by the Best Buy Mobile booth and were greeted by such a lovely Best Buy Mobile team member. I told him that I had a budget and wanted to find the best mobile camera on the market for it. He was so friendly, open, and completely unbiased (which I love). He showed me tons of options and finally gave his best recommendation. 

The Samsung A5. 

3 Incredible Features of The Samsung A5

I ended up taking the Samsung A5 home, upon his suggestion. I was going on a cottage road trip that weekend and it couldn’t have come a better time to really put the camera to the test. I ended up snapping tons of shots and was so incredibly impressed by the capabilities of it. I would even go so far as to say that the photos are IG and blog worthy. Yes. From a mobile phone. Crazy right?! 

Here are my top 3 favourite things as I tried out the Samsung A5 for the very first time: 


1. The Camera is super sharp and does that blurry thing (“bokeh”)

The Samsung A5 sports a 16MP sensor behind a 27mm equivalent lens with a f/1.9 aperture – basically what that means is that it takes incredible in focus media and the 1.9 means you can create that awesome blurred out background effect (aka “bokeh”).  



2. The editing and adjustment capability is fire

There are so many more filters and editing capabilities than I’m used to. Editing the brightness and contrast as you’re taking the photo, finding the very best filter for your feed, shooting a hyperlapse to create creative posts, the Samsung A5 makes creating art so easy on the phone. I haven’t even downloaded any apps (VSCO, Snapseed, etc) because the capabilities within the phone are so awesome.



3. Transferring photos has never been easier

This is by far one of my favourites. The Samsung photo transfer is what you’d expect from a portable hard drive. It opens up folders, you can drag and drop into files on your desktop, and you can sort through them like you would on a computer. This is awesome because you don’t have to use iTunes/iPhoto (as much as I love Apple), for example to import your photos. This is awesome if you need to import them and edit them on your computer. 

And there you have it! My top 3 things I love about the Samsung A5. The camera has been my go-to ever since I picked it up… and dare I say, it might even be good enough to make me make a full switch over! And at Samsung’s lower price range and amazing Best Buy mobile service, you really do get more bang out of your buck. If the Samsung A5 isn’t for you, Best Buy Mobile has a ton of different offerings and they’ll give you the same unbiased consultation they gave me. It helped a ton since I don’t know all that much about phones and their differences. 

I’d love to hear what you think of the camera and the photos above! Let me know in the comments below. Photography is something to be shared, celebrated in community, and collaborative, so I would love to hear your thoughts.

I hope you have a photo-worthy day friends!

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