Best Purses For On-The-Go Boss Girls

Life takes us on some crazy and unexpected adventures. Everyday I set out my schedule which is rarely empty, but somehow it still gets all mixed up and crazy. I realize that something comes up, that I forgot something at home, or that there was something I needed but never thought to bring. 

When you throw last minute travel in there, it gets even more hectic. I tend to get thrown into last minute business trips and have to fly at a moment’s notice. And that makes being “put together” or, at the very least, “mildly prepared” quite difficult. 

A purse is a lady’s secret weapon carrying case for those on-the-go moments though, right? It’s where we keep the tampons, the powder, the files, the technology, and all the life hacks we need to trek through our adventurous lives. At least, that’s how I feel. 

And purses have changed over the years. From hat carrying cases, to tiny clutches carefully concealing our phones and lipstick, I think the contents and use cases of purses is a symbol of how far we’ve come as women. 

So I’m always on the lookout for those winners – those purses that prove to be the perfect weapon carrying case. 

I first learned about Natalie and her brand Poppy & Peonies in the fall of last year. I was so inspired by her story – of being a mom, being an entrepreneur, and building something meaningful for women. 

Her brand speaks to the ever-changing and dynamic lives of busy women on-the-go, and I can’t help but to cheer it on full heartedly. 

I recently got 2 new purses from her collection – the Classic Satchel, and the Getaway Bag; and the 2 of them have slid perfectly into my daily life. You all know I’m a huge tech nerd – I love technology. But I also see purses as a sort of sister to tech. It serves a purpose, makes our lives easier, and is also a sexy addition to our everyday look. 

A good purse is like your favourite pair of jeans – used to the bone, the definition of comfort, and your best friend,

Wearing Fidelity Denim



The shape of this bag is so clean and structured, I use it throughout the work week. It actually fits my files, my ipad, and a secret extra pair of flats when I’m running around the city. I love that it’s tassels are removable and that the inside of the purse is so easy to clean (it’s lined with a wipeable material). I spill so much in my bag (think lunch on the go), it’s the perfect bag to sling around with my chaotic schedule. 

Learn more about the Classic Satchel

Wearing: SWEATER (Club Monaco), DENIM (Fidelity Denim), SHOES (Le Chateau)



I always struggle with overnight bags. Either they’re round duffles (not exactly a economic use of space), or too big I might as well bring a luggage. This tote brings me from the gym to the airport and fits everything I need. So far I’ve use it to store 2 outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, a jacket, and my toiletries. The interior compartments provide a space for my phone, my glasses, and my travel documents so they don’t get mixed up.  I also love that it comes with a cosmetics case inside. Added value!

Learn more about the Getaway Bag

My day, as I’m sure goes for all your #Girlbosses, gets so insanely hectic, I need bags that are going to be no fuss. They’re like assistants – they go with you everywhere. Poppy and Peonies, I feel, designs for this on-the-go life in mind. It’s refreshing to see products in the world that recognizes how hard we’re working, how much we juggle, and the smile we put on our faces while doing it. 

But whatever purse you go for, whatever suits your life… never stop that hustle. you deserve every bit of life out there!

mel inspired

*This post was in partnership with Poppy & Peonies. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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