Beyonce Halloween Costume In 5 Minutes

Halloween for me has always been about embodying an attitude, becoming something you admire… not necessarily something you fear. So for years, ever since I can remember, I’ve been a princess, a ballerina, a ring leader in a circus, basically nothing scary. It probably has something to do with my very chicken imagination and my fear of clowns, zombies, and basically anything horrifying.


And I’m okay with that. Halloween is about being something you’re excited to dress up as. So whether that’s scary, pretty, sassy, sexy, or funny… it’s supposed to be fun.

This year, I’m embodying a monarchy of sorts… a monarchy of our 21st century. The Queen Bey. Otherwise known as Beyonce.


Full disclaimer though. Work and blogging has been kicking my butt. So just like many of you out there (it’s okay to admit it), I basically came up and put together this costume in all of 5 minutes. Halloween was the last thing on my mind up until about 24 hours ago. So I’m rounding up for you – my fellow busy boss ladies – a quick and easy outfit to get you to that Halloween party… in a very sassy (and low-maintenance) way.

Step 1: Find a bootylicious Beyonce-esque outfit


For me, it’s this awesome H&M bodysuit… which is awesome because I will totally wear it again. And for under $20, you just can’t go wrong with that.

Step 2: Get your fro on


Any costume store’s got one. It’s probably meant for something like a disco-dancer, but tease it out a bit and you’ve got Beyonce full fluffy locks.

Step 3: Get your lashes fluffed out too


img_0086    img_0074

Because no Diva goes out without her lashes on fleek. KISS lashes are my absolute favourite. Daisy or Peony will get your lashes so divalicious, you’ll be batting your lashes at every Jay-Z look a like at the party… or maybe he’ll be batting his lashes at you emoji

Step 4: Be the star that you are

img_0081 img_0089

You know I had to add something cheesy in here. No need to get all fancy with your make up. God knows you don’t have time for that on a Monday. Queen Bey would be proud of your efficiency. These stick on eye tattoos from KISS will have your eye make up on fleek in the matter of seconds.

Step 5: Get tart


Is getting “tart” a new term, because if not, I’m coining it as such. Grab a bottle, or in this case a juice box, of lemonade… just in case people don’t get it. But I mean, how could you not? OBVIOUSLY, I’m walkin’ with the swag of Beyonce.

Step 6: Embrace the Beyonce attitude

sing img_0029

Because nothing will have you looking like Beyonce more than embracing her badass attitude. Grab a mic, force your friends to go to Halloween karaoke, and sing your heart out. YOU GOT ME LOOKIN’ SO CRAZY RIGHT NOW… yes, I might have begun Step 5 way before I remembered it was Halloween.

And tada! You’ve got a costume and basically just became Beyonce’s doppleganger… even if you’re an Asian one. I couldn’t tell the difference emoji sunglass emoji

Happy Hallow-queen friends emoji

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