BLOGMAS: Cozy Must Haves For The Holidays

We’ve arrived friends! All aboard the Holiday Train Express! Bring on the cheesy holiday cheer and everything that goes along with it. I am probably one of the craziest holiday fanatics out there and I’m ready to spread the cheer with all of you. I hope you’re ready for it!

Cheers to the start of all the Inspired Blogmas fun!

I feel like there’s nothing that screams the holidays more than cozy must haves. What I love most about this season is all of the cozy nights spent near fireplaces, wrapping presents, and feasting on all the holiday goods with friends and families. And for those nights, I’m all about stripping away the sequins and tight dresses and getting into cozies that basically feel like you’re wrapped up in a fuzzy cocoon.     

As Canadians, we also deal with some major cold, so stocking up on all the cozy must haves won’t only have you ready and comfy for the holiday season ahead, but will also last you all through the winter season. I’m rounding up all of my cozy must haves and linking some of the favourites I’ve either picked up already or that I’m coveting. Hopefully this gets you into the cozy holiday (and winter) vibe too! 








This is definitely the #1 prerequisite for any cozy must have list. There’s nothing like the feeling of being wrapped up in the coziest sweater of all time while snow falls outside your window. This wool blended, sherpa, hooded coat from Le Chateau is my personal fav right now (I love being able to wear it over my pjs at home and over a cute neutral outfit to head out of the house (versatility at its best!) 

















There’s a bit of science to this one! When I shop for cozy accessories, I make sure to find pieces that are fleece lined, so that they don’t just look cute, but that ACTUALLY keep you warm. The ones I’ve included here, I’ve tried and tested for warmth and they’re bound to keep your digits and extremities warm!















Because who likes cold feet? Exactly. Winter boots that are both stylish and warm are always such a struggle to find. I’ve collected quite the collection of cozy winter boots over the years and will definitely share more about this in another post soon. In the meantime, these Olang boots are currently one of my favs and will definitely last you for season(s!) of winter (p.s. they have a -30 degree Celsius comfort level and are equipped for grips in their sole). 
















Again, I’ll definitely do a more thorough round up of my favourite holiday and winter home decor, but in the meantime, this faux fur throw is my current obsession. Not only is it chic af, it’s super cozy wrapped around you for a cozy Netflix night in. 










1. Pearl Embellished Sweater (Le Chateau, $79.95) | 2. Bonjour Knit Sweater (Le Chateau, $79.95) | 3. Wool & Sherpa Hooded Sweater (Le Chateau, $110) | 4. Cable Knit Pom-Pom Hat (Le Chateau, $29.95) | 5. Striped Fringe Scarf (Le Chateau, $49.95) | 6. Embellished Mittens (Le Chateau, $22.00) | 7. Metallic Pom-Pom Beanie (Le Chateau, $25) | 8. Embellished Mittens (Le Chateau, $22.00) | 9. Pop Winter Boots (Olang, $210) | 10. Embellished Touchscreen Gloves (Le Chateau, $22.00) | 11. Ginger Boots (Olang, $310) | 12. no longer available | 13. Foxy Faux Fur Throw (Structube, $59)

With snow just starting to fall and trees beginning to look like cotton candy trees, I hope this round up is getting you into the holiday spirit. Get ready for tons of Inspired Blogmas content coming at you this month! I can’t wait to celebrate the holidays with you, Inspired Fam. Cheers to the start of all the Christmas cheer!

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