My Boyfriend Calls This “Prairie Chic”

Fashion is definitely subjective. Style, even more so. And yet, sometimes I find myself dressing for other people or caring what other people have to say about my style. I suppose it’s a result of our hyper-connected world, that we constantly seek approval (whether in likes, comments, or familial nods of approval).


What I’ve come to learn is that fashion and style is for no one else but yourself. What other people think is just how they interpret your art. It, in no way, should stipulate who you as an artist express yourself.

cp2_5072     cp2_5065

The “prairie” trend, as my boyfriend, likes to call it is an unavoidable one. The off-shoulder tops, lace up shoes, bell sleeves, the list goes on – and I personally love it. I think it’s so expressive and bold in a way that’s still subtle. Needless to say, my boyfriend likes to poke fun at it. I don’t blame him, a guy’s sense and interpretation of style is way different than a girl’s. Actually, all of our senses of style and interpretation is different. That’s the beauty of having differences of opinion, I think.

All of our senses of style and interpretation is different…


I stopped caring what other people said and what they may think about what I wear (or even how I act). I am me, I love it, and that’s all that matters sunglass emoji


So here’s the rundown of my praire chic outfit. If you love it – yays! Feel free to be inspired and pick up these steals. If you hate it – well, there’s always the next button wink emoji I promise I won’t be offended.

Outfit Details



One just cannot avoid large bell sleeves and tie up details when going for le prairie chic look. This one was a steal from Zara, at $30. The emerald tone is really what sold me though.


cp2_5092_long    cp2_5082



This skirt has been a staple in my closet for a year now. I picked it up last season and have been twirling in it ever since. It’s faux leather too, so no sweaty bums, don’t worry emoji


cp2_5125 cp2_5170



You’re probably sick of me talking about Le Chateau lace ups and how comfy they are; but voila, here’s another addition to my collection. It’s the newest one of their Ghille Tie silhouette, so you can still pick it up here. I love the velvet details, it’s the perfect transition shoe from fall right into those holiday parties. And at $80, you’ll wear them enough that it’ll be cheaper than your coffee a day thumbs up emoji


cp2_5142    cp2_5151



The silver choker I got from Zara (although I’ll be honest, it’s a little heavy so you don’t want to go for a jog in it) and the the tassel necklace is from Le Chateau (for a whopping $12 – #AMAZEBALLS). Layering pieces has been addiction for the past long while… and I don’t foresee myself stopping emoji


cp2_5134   cp2_5125


I think the moral of the story is to brush the opinions of others off when it comes to style and to never hold back what you feel like expressing… even if your boyfriend thinks you look Amish (and, for the record, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that).

Happy prairie chic shopping friends! emoji

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