Can Winter Jackets Be Sexy?

The answer to this blog post’s question is HELL YEAH. And if there’s anyone who knows how to perfect it, it’s us Canadians in the North that basically live in our winter parkas 6 months out of the year.


That being said, over the years, I’ve started to hoard my fair collection of what I call “stylish parkas”. The definition for this is pretty loose though. It’s basically anything that keeps me warm below -10 degrees C and doesn’t look like a gigantic Michellin puff. Although, I suppose one could say that the Michellin man is sexy #nodiscrimination



The question posed here is a bit of a backwards one – since I truly believe that “sexy” is in the eyes of its beholder (just like just about everything else). I think the idea of a sexy winter jacket is also, likewise, in the mind. You just have to feel sexy in it. And sexy can mean badass, it can mean androgynous, it can mean Michellin man… basically whatever makes you feel great right? For me, it is definitely not looking like a marsh mellow.


Something I personally miss in the winters is bearing my legs. I think showing a bit of leg is extremely sexy, but I’m not about to suffer frost bite to feel a second of sexiness emoji  So the length on this Bench jacket is perfect for just covering your butt and giving your legs some warmth with equal time to shine.


The jacket is called the “Get Up And Go” jacket. How awesome is that too right? Bench always has the best names for their pieces. It’s colour, although a bid mustardy at first, actually goes with every neutral in your closet. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and imagine it now! Told you so. It’s on sale right now too, so go score yourself a sexy new winter jacket.



I like pairing it up with an on-trend OTK boot to elevate the look and add an extra layer of protection. This pair is from Sante Shoes.  Add in a nice knit sweater and summer-inspired shorts and you’ve got quite the sexy little winter outfit wink emoji


cp2_4986 cp2_4840

I think my inspiration behind this post is the freezing cold that’s finally hit us again in Toronto. Fully aware of the hibernation mode to come, I feel the need to encourage all of us (myself included) to not let go of our summer sexiness. We may get paler, and we may not be wearing Daisy Dukes with bikinis on top like Katy Perry likes to tell us, but we will survive… and we will be sexy snow bunnies in our awesomely sexy parkas outfits.

No, I’m not on meds emoji Happy almost-winter friends!

p.s. It’s almost Christmas…

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