Trekking Through In A ‘Canadian Tuxedo’

Besides being one of my (and arguably the fashion world’s) favourite trends, the origin of the Canadian Tuxedo has a bit of a mixed history. Some people say that it originated by a Canadian hotel refusing entry to Bing Crosby, others say it was made popular by the Storm Troopers. Either way, it’s become engrained in Canadian pride. And I couldn’t be happier. I love the denim on denim look. 

Say what you will with the whole JT and Britney Spears mishap in the 90s (when they arrived in full denim looks – including JT in a Canadian Tuxedo – on the red carpet and went down in history as a notorious fashion faux pas)…  I still like it! 

So when I was planning my looks for Dave and my trip to Whistler this past week, I decided I had to bust out a Canadian Tuxedo. 

There are different sentiments about what “Canadian Culture” means. Some say there is no such thing because we allow everyone to come here and we embrace THEIR cultures, instead of making them embrace OURS. I would argue that THAT is our culture. Our culture as Canadians is about inclusivity, it’s about open-mindedness, and it’s the beauty of differences. I am unashamedly Canadian. 

So here’s my (yet-another) Canadian Tuxedo in all its glory and what I pieced it together with…. undoubtedly inspired by the love I have for Canada (it’s also its 150th birthday this year. Woot woot!)



I have a deep love for denim, but I have an even deeper love for comfortable denim. And I’ve started to collect more and more Mavi jeans for this reason. They’re focussed on developing their denim in a way that inspires you to move in them. The fringe got me on that one. Anything that moves when I walk definitely inspires me to jump around like a maniac emoji

I’m wearing their perfectly sized Jill Mid Ripped Retro Denim jacket (perfect for every season in Canada) and their Kerry Ankle Straight Leg in Distressed Vintage (my fav of all time this season). 




I’ve been a fan of Rudsak for years – mostly because they’re Canadian, but also because they embody what they call the “Cool Rebel” spirit. And I love that. To me, it’s unapologetic, it’s bold, and it’s strong. Wearing these very warm and very versatile fur accessories (which psst, are currently on sale!). 

I love the Spiritwood scarf is attachable. It’s got 2 clips inside so it clips on to any jacket you want to throw a bit more chicness into. 




Le Chateau‘s spring collections have started to roll in and I’m SO excited. Many of you know that I’m been an ambassador for them for a couple years now. I’m continuing this year and I’m so excited. When I saw these in store, I had to have them. They’re everything you would expect from Le Chateau – comfortable, well designed silhouette, and super affordable. 

I think it’s totally fitting that there was snow on the ground and I’m busting out open-toe sandals. What’s more Canadian right?!  (I’m just joking, I’m a total wimp when it comes to the cold. It was actually very spring-like in Whistler. So no, I didn’t trek directly in the mountains with these puppies, but I definitely wore them!)

At the end of the day, our homes are our homes. Canada has been my home my whole life. It’s given me and my family an incredible life I try to remind myself everyday to be thankful for emoji

mel inspired

Where is home for you? What do you think of the ‘Canadian Tuxedo’? Let me know in the comments below!