Closet Purge: Good Bye Designer Bags (Ft. M Couture)

This has been a long time coming… and after multiple complaints from my boyfriend and family, I’m finally getting around to doing it – a closet purge. There’s a reason behind my unwillingness to get rid of my beloved fashion items though (and it’s not just because I may be a mild hoarder haha). It’s because when I buy or pick up a piece, I do so because I feel like it tells a story. It either inspires something in me or it was purchased to commemorate or celebrate a moment. And this has been my philosophy as long as I can remember… or as long as I’ve had my own wallet, at least. 

So when I think about getting rid of a piece, I feel like I’m getting rid of a story. I know it’s nonsense because memories are in our brains… but you know how I am with symbols haha The truth of it all is that I’ve literally accumulated so much that it’s filled multiple, yes multiple, rooms in my house and my parents’ house with stuff. And it’s become a serious problem. Almost all of it is bags, accessories, shoes, and clothing… and I’m mustering up my courage to finally purge. 

What makes me okay with it all is the idea of being able to share something that I hold so dear to my heart with someone and a new home where I feel like it’ll be cherished and loved (haha so cheesy mel). When I thought about how to  actually do this, I thought, maybe I’ll do a garage sale (that way I could meet the people who would be buying my pieces). I never got around to it. Then I thought, maybe Ebay… then realized there’s a lot of noise up in there. Then I thought maybe my own online store; but realized it was a ton of work I couldn’t take on right now. 

Then came along M Couture

M Couture is an online boutique who’s mission was to provide a simple and eco-responsible alternative to decluttering your closet from things you no longer use. They made it paramount to make the process fun, simple, and most of all, super easy to navigate and understand. Best of all, the company was conceived here in Canada (Montréal, to be exact), and it felt good to trust a platform that was home grown. They also make sure to authenticate and double check items to make sure it’s something people want and that no one is taking advantage of the system. 

The process of uploading an item, deciding the price, knowing their commission fees, and having it approved… was honestly a matter of minutes. It’s by far the easiest and most effortless platform I’ve tried thus far. 

What am I selling? 

I’m starting out slow, just to ease myself into it (but I feel really good about this purge). I don’t really care about the money, but I love supporting new Canadian platforms like M Couture and I also want to share accessibility to all of you. Buying consignment is so good, not just for your wallet, but for the entire industry. 

To start, I’ve collected 4 of my favourite purses so far to sell. They’re all under $300 and I can’t wait to find it a good home. If you’re looking for the most reliable purses with lasting power, these babies are it. 




Coach Gold Metallic Crossbody – $90
(original $350)

  • Textured leather
  • Extremely roomy
  • Slight scratches on hardhware
  • my go-to statement piece for years (as photographed throughout this post)




Kate Spade Red Maise Tote – $150
(original $580)

  • Still a classic style
  • Perfect for the holidays
  • Incredible work bag (fits 13 inch laptops and large notebooks/files)
  • Stain on inside lining, other than that used twice




Kate Spade Black Embossed Patent Leather Cross body – $70
(original $250)

  • Carries more than it looks
  • Can also be used as a clutch
  • Black patent in like new condition
  • Just the right amount of shine to add texture and depth to any classic outfit




Ferragamo Deep Purple Patent Leather Satchel – $200
(original $1000)

  • My favourite statement bag for the longest time 
  • Shape is classic Ferragamo
  • Patent leather makes it a breeze to clean 
  • Gem tone perfect for the colder seasons
  • Like new condition 


I can’t to share more of my pieces and would love your feedback! Let me know what you think and make sure to check out all the incredible items on M Couture (there are some incredible deals, I’m definitely trying to hold back on). Saying good bye to these babies and turning over a new a leaf… or at least new space in my closet. 

mel inspired