Corsetry In Fashion Has Been Reinvented

Corsetry used to be something that bound women – limited them, kept them constrained, and was ultimately a fashion symbol of where women were during that time.

I definitely don’t think I could have lived during those times. There were so many rules… and I am all about breaking rules. Could you imagine sitting in a bone structured dress all evening during a feast? I’m not about that. 


But fashion has changed for women, right? We get to bare our ankles, our shoulders, or really just about anything we feel like #FREETHENIPPLE

I love that. I think it’s liberating. And I think it speaks to the broader changes that society has made around women and fashion.

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We can now CHOOSE to wear corsetry… or in this case, corsetry-inspired pieces; and pair it how we see fit. I love this dress from Lavish Alice because of that. I think it’s a testament to that choice that we have now… not only in fashion, but also in life, in general.

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I’m in love with the subtle details of this ribbed cotton dress. And as much as it’s majorly form fitting, it’s surprisingly comfortable and easy to move in (something I assume corsets were not). The split in the dress makes for running around possible; but the tight fitting length of the dress elongates you body in such a beautiful way.



Who doesn’t love a dress that makes them look pretty right?

I wanted to style it in an “effortless” way. I through on my new favourite ox blood “New Symphony” Geox booties, which, btw, is literally one of my most comfortable heels I own. It’s likely a result of their memory foam insole. They’re also waterproof, just like most things from Geox – so peace out salt stains!

cp2_8493 cp2_8410

Topped off with my favourite metallic YSL bag (which you guys probably see in so many of my outfit posts), and I was ready to hit the town.


Something about this outfit almost made me feel like a vampire. Maybe it’s the color, or the length, the Victorian inspired corsetry details, or the dark lips. Or maybe it’s the fact that vampires live forever and that freedom is translated.


Either way, I feel lucky to be able to feel this freedom. And I thank all the women before us for suffering through real corsets to allow us to have that freedom clap emoji

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