Creative Blogger Award Nomination

Creative Blogger Award

I love it when these campaigns for bloggers by bloggers (or online content creators) pop up. It really speaks to the nature of “a blogger” and the fact that our communities and our networks are what make us who we are. We would be nothing without the people who interact and help support us – of course, our amazing audiences, but also other bloggers. So when something like the Creative Blogger Award is brought to my attention, I’m all for it!

Creative Blogger Award

Many thanks to my girl TheLustListt, Vic, who nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award! Honestly, when I first got news about it, I was like “WTF is this?” I knew it wasn’t some scam but I had never heard of it. I found out that it’s nothing more than bloggers highlighting and congratulating other bloggers – which is AH-mazing.

Sometimes (speaking truthfully) bloggers get caught up in a bit more cattiness than they need to. RE: “omg. she got invited and I didn’t?” “Do you know who I am?” “Please. I have like double the amount of followers as her”. So it’s really refreshing to see an initiative like this that really demonstrates what the blogging community is about (at least to me), sharing and spreading inspiration.

Creative Blogger Award

So how does this Creative Blogger Award thing work?

The nominated blogger must…

  1. Thank & post a link to the blog that nominated them – obvi! Holla Vic!
  2. Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers – I’ll try and make it as embarrassing as possible.
  3. Nominate 10 other bloggers and their links – Eeks! my inspo-list is much longer than 10.
  4. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs – I’m on it!
  5. Pass the rules on to them – Fine, fine. Although I normally like to break rules, not follow them.

creative blogger award

Creative Blogger Awards:
5 facts about lil ol’ me emoji

1. I have a weird addiction to earlobes (not like a fetish or anything monkey emoji) and when I get tired/nervous/stressed/zoned out/sad, I touch my earlobes. My grandma (who I spent a lot of time with as a baby) used to let me hold hers to fall asleep.

2. I love mixed babies, think they’re so uniquely cute (although, really, most babies are adorable) and hope to have one some day thumbs up emoji

3. When I first met my boyfriend, Dave, he had a really great sense of style and I thought he was gay (so ignorant of me, right?).

4. For a really long time, I wished that I had smaller boobs. I’m okay with them now.

5. I never wanted kids. After dating your best friend though, you end up thinking overtime: “yo. our offspring would be some cool ass people. we need to have kids” and/or I guess you just get older and feel like you should, at some point, pop out babies!


10 Bloggers You Can’t Not Follow

If you haven’t already checked them out / don’t already follow them, run, don’t walk, and bookmark them. These blogs definitely inspire me day in and day out. Whether through their instagram, their blog, or any other social channel, they definitely should be nominated for the Creative Blogger Award.

Creative Blogger Award


| Amara, Lace And Braids |

| Yulia, |

| Jane, Fit Fab Fun Mom |

| Cher, Cher My Closet |

| Sarah, Sarah Styles Seattle |

| Marilee, A Parallel Closet |

| Jiawa, Beige Renegade |

| Holly, Petite Flower Presents |

| Melis, Fashion Mews |

| Sophie, Smitten Sophie |


Creative Blogger Award

And that wraps up my side of participating in the Creative Blogger Award ceremony! I think it’s so inspiring to see other bloggers not only link-share (all you bloggers and techies know the benefit to this) but also support each other. Whether it’s merely a campaign to help promote each other or not, I think that the concept behind it is truly inspirational.

You don’t have to knock someone else over to get to the top. You’re different people, different blogs, different personalities… helping each other will end up helping you out in the end. In this industry, it’s all about who you know!

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