Date Day Series #2: Hitting Big

Couples fight – I feel like it’s natural to. If you don’t fight, how do you discover each other’s boundaries, limits, likes, dislikes, etc. Fighting is really just learning about each other. And sure, sometimes fighting can suck – it causes tears, anger, sadness, and even a possible break up. But I’m a strong believer that if you can’t get through the worst of fights together, you’re probably not supposed to be together. It’s a true test of love, as sappy as that is.


Couples who fight together, stay together:


So for the second ‘Date Day Series’ in our ongoing adventure, Dave and I decided to strap on our gloves and beat each other up. Okay, well not exactly, but pretty damn close. 


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We hooked up with my favourite workout partner (as you well know) Bench Canada to get some private kickboxing lessons at Big Hit Studios. I had heard about Big Hit for a while now (it’s like the new hottest workout trend right now), but hadn’t gotten a chance to try it out yet. And what better time to do that than for Valentines Day Date Day right?! emoji


Dave’s a huge UFC fan, so he was in love with the idea of kickboxing. In fact, I think he contracted our trainer, Martin, to give him private MMA lessons haha emoji 


In all honesty though, Martin was amazing – he was patient, focussed on having us learn, and seemed like he really cared about getting our form on point. Pretty awesome considering it was a first lesson. I find most “speciality” trainers just want to get you through the lesson and out as soon as they can. He also was tolerant with our incessant photo taking, which is a huge plus haha


*IMG_0867_sq *IMG_0859_sq


He went through all the basics – front jab, left hook, right hook, left kick, right kick, kneeing, etc. then took us into combos. Once you get the swing of it, the motions feel really natural… making you totally feel like a badass sunglass emoji 


We decided to make this date day a little more interesting by adding (fellow blogger bestie, as you all know) Vic, from The Lust Listt, and her boyfriend Peter to our date day extravaganza. All four of us are really tight so it was a super fun dynamic.


Martin totally took advantage of this dynamic in the bet way possible – partner work. What a fitting type of spin on a date day feature, right?! It’s like he read my mind.


This included wheel barrel races, push up claps for the boys, and dynamic tricep dips. The couples were pitted against each other, really forcing us to work as a team. The winner got to choose the loser’s punishment. It’s crazy how competitive you can get in these sort of situations. I definitely was!



And no, Vic and I totally didn’t correspond our outfits by choice. As always, we have very similar taste and typically end up choosing to wear pieces that either compliment each other, or in this case, are exactly the same monkey emoji



You’ll probably recognize these lightning-marble Baddah leggings from several of my Bench. posts. They’re by far my favourite leggings in and outside of the gym. They’re breathable too, so no I did not have sweaty butt syndrome (I know you girls know what I’m talking about). I began warming up by tying up one of my favourite oversized Bench tshirts too – I felt like it was a cute gym-school inspired vibe with the pigtails wink emoji


Dave wore his favourite Bench. tshirt he’s probably had forever. It’s totally sarcastic… just like him emoji


By the end of it, Dave and I were totally on the same rythym with our Bob-combos (apparently the dummies’ name we were beating down is Bob). We also definitely got some “accidental” hits on each other too – all in good fun though, obvs emoji


It really does feel good to punch, kick, and scream in your workout. Together, it’s even better. It’s almost like I can take all my frustrations out in that one solid hour. It was also probably the craziest workout I’ve had in a while. I don’t work on my arms too much so I was definitely sore after this.


It was one of the best date day activities I could’ve planned. Although, Bench. totally inspired us for this one girl hand out emoji clap emoji You da best Bench.!

Dave better watch out, because my pillow fight game just gained some extra levels sunglass emoji

mel inspired

Would you spend a date day kickboxing with your SO?