Date Day Series #4: Private Suite Experience

Watching sports is always an exciting idea for a date. Whether it’s a first date or you’ve been together with your partner for years (like Dave and I). Now watching sports is one thing, but watching sports in a private suite is a whole other story.


Getting our heads in the game:



Don’t get me wrong, Dave and I would’ve been completely fine watching in the nose-bleed seats. We would have laughed, joked, hollered, and got our heads in the game exactly the same way. But when faced with the option of sitting, eating, and lounging while doing all the above… we obviously were down for the latter.


CP2_7176    CP2_7173

We were invited by our friends at Lacoste to celebrate the Rogers Cup in their private suite. Alongside several of our media friends, we sipped on drinks, ate to our heart’s content, and cheered on our amazing Canadian talent on the court. It was a blast, so big ups to our friends at Lacoste for having us emoji emoji


CP2_7201    CP2_7188


Whether you watch a game in a private box or not, sports are an amazing way to connect with your partner. It doesn’t matter whether you’re picking up food from the concession stand or in a private suite. You’ll laugh, connect, and learn so much about each other while watching a sporting event.


For example, I learnt that Dave is really good at explaining the game to me. He’s patient and explains it in a way that I understand. I also learnt that if it’s towards the end of a game or match, I will be completely ignored emoji


CP2_7292_sq    CP2_7285_sq

It’s the perfect backdrop to not only learn about your partner, but also to break the ice if you’re still in that courting phase. You’ll always have a subject to talk about (the game, obvi) and it’ll relieve the pressure of it being a date.


It also makes for a perfect group date if you’re open to that. We had a blast chatting with our media and Lacoste friends in the suite. I also learned that some of them were there from Paris – how awesome! Of course, the entire suite was also beautifully adorned with everything Lacoste. I immediately envisioned myself in an all white Lacoste outfit hitting the courts (no, I don’t actually play tennis.. but I’m pretty sure my Lacoste outfit would stun the competition away emoji)




Dave and I mostly just had our heads in the game. We’ve been together for 5 years now, so we just love to find new ways to have fun together. We’re both super competitive so we were obviously painstakingly cheering for the Canadian talent on the court. It was a blast and cheering for a collective goal definitely gave us a chance to bond.



Excitement, great food, amazing company, and a gorgeously luxyurious experience. Date day perfected thumbs up emoji And again, a big thank you to our friends at Lacoste for giving Dave and I a Date Day to remember emoji

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Do you like watching a sporting event with your partner? Do you think it makes for a good date day?

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