Dirty Truths About All White Outfits

Alright guys, this is a post about brutal honesty. It’s all about sharing the dirty secrets and talking about the stigmatized thoughts we all carry in our heads. It feels so good to be straight up about things, so I’m coming out full force and talking about it. Topic #1? White outfits. You might not think about this further than flipping through summer trend round ups in magazines, but there’s a lot of dirty truths about all white outfits. Why do we wear them? Or better yet, what do we fear about them?


Ok, ok, YOU may not have these thoughts, but I know I’m not the only one in having them. And yes, we’re not curing cancer over here, but being honest with each other is the start to making the world a better place, right? Here are the fears in all their glory – or at least the ones I’m ditching to head full steam ahead to all-white-land.


Truth 1

Girls Get Periods

So yeah, all white is not condusive to hiding those leaks that we all know we get. Whether you’re 16 or 45, the monthly struggle is real. The fear of that little red stain ruining our clothes (and possibly our reputation) forever is sometimes too much to bear. But we’re all human and periods are natural! It happens!


Truth 2

Tide Pens Don't Always Work

We try and minimize the fear of all white by carrying around a little white bleach pen. The truth is that they don’t always work on the dirtiest of stains though (red wine is one of those nasty ones). I’m making the effort to ditch the pen and just let whatever happen, happen. Life is too short to carry around a physical symbol of fear in our bags all the time.


Truth 3

Don't You Dare Come Near Me With That

Wearing all white turns us into the most paranoid people. When we see someone in the club with a glass of cranberry, we steer clear with a 10 ft. radius. When you think of it though, is it really worth the risk of not having fun? What if those cranberry drinkers are your next best friend? Best friends are worth more than a stain or two.


Truth 4

Wasted Investments

It’s scary to invest in white pieces in fear that they’re going to be ruined forever by one single stain. How I see my investments in clothes or accessories is the positive that they add into my life. Do I feel beautiful in white? Yes. Is that worth the risk of ruining an investment piece? Possibly. I’ll admit most of my investment pieces are black, but there comes a point where we can’t just wear all black right? I’m taking the leap of faith to trust myself with a white investment item.


Truth 5

LBH, I Ain't Pure

This is probably the most archaic stereotype that dates back to the origins of the wedding dress. A white dress carries the look of purity, but I’ll be honest, I’m not pure. This truth never really holds me back, but I almost like wearing white as a little “screw you” to that stereotype.


We’re not all as put together as it seems. I’m always taken back when people tell me how “cool” I look on my Instagram or blog… GUYS – I AM THE CLUMSIEST CHICKA YOU’LL EVER MEET! That being said, I definitely have these fears all the time when wearing white. If you ask Dave, he’d say I should just never wear white because white and I ain’t friends.



But I resent that. I think we should conquer our friends and take them straight on. So this look is all about being honest with ourselves and each other about the fears we have and letting go of them. Once people know them, there’s know point in feeling self-conscious about them anymore emoji So I’m dedicating this full white outfit (that yes, I actually wore all day) to that exact philosophy.



The top and the flowy white culottes are steals I picked up at the annual Media Winners/Marshalls sale. I always end up walking out of there with stuff that was such a good deal, I felt like I had to run out or else they would realize they priced it wrong emoji Exhibit A: the top is from Theory and cost a whopping $10. Yes, $10. And no, there were no stains, no runs, nothing wrong with it.


The watch is one of the newest to my collection and is from Christian Paul. I’m always worried about sweat and dirt stains when it comes to white watches, but I decided to bite the bullet and pick this one up. I love the subtle sparkle on the classically, timeless silhouette. Freshest timepiece in my collection, that’s for sure!



The shoes are my prize pony. All of my white shoes currently in my closet need a deep clean (which is why you’ll rarely see me wearing white shoes). So when I originally fell in love with these Geox puppies in the store, I tried everything to convince myself that I shouldn’t walk out with them. Then I tried them on and basically couldn’t control myself. Like with most of Geox shoes, these platforms are so comfortable, it’s even better than walking with bare feet (if you can even imagine). The patented Geox sole is seriously legit.



The sandwich bag is one you all probably recognize – it’s my favourite clutch right now. It’s a quick steal from Evernew (that, if you didn’t know, opened in Canada! woot woot). I love how a metallic bag literally matches everything and has a way of adding futuristic, modern vibes to any outfit!



I realized it was just my fear holding me back from wearing all white. And like anything in life, fear is just an obstacle we put in front of ourselves to not be the best version of ourselves that we want to be. So good bye fear! Peace out!

Bring on the whites!

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What holds you back from wearing all white?