Ego Soleil On Changing The Fashion Industry

There’s nothing I stand by more than accessibility – accessibility to the Internet, to basic needs, to love, to passion, etc. The list goes on. I think that the biggest dream I have for humanity is accessibility and equal opportunity. It’s an ambitious goal and one that I know isn’t reality. That’s just the way the world turns.


But the world of fashion is something that’s changing and moving to the left. It’s opening up and accessibility to it isn’t closed off to the elite influencers who once held a monopoly on it. Enter streetwear, global e-commerce brands, and content on the Worldwide Internet. It’s something I’m so proud to have witnessed in my lifetime.

The world of fashion is something that’s changing…

I still remember the days when I’d look at a copy of Vogue and wish I could one day wear the things they featured or take pictures worthy of gracing its pages. My dreams have changed and, in some ways, have been fulfilled – or rather, my dreams have been reimagined. Now I get involved through my blog, share my thoughts on social channels, and admire those who are also pursuing the dream of connecting the world.


Without going on a tangent- because God knows I could go on forever– my point is that there are so many brands who are joining in on this fashion revolution. And it makes me so proud to put a little spotlight on them.


Ego Soleil is one of those brands. They’re a relaunched and re-envisioned contemporary fashion brand hailing out of one of my favourite cities in the world- New York. A city that once punished those in the fashion industry that didn’t conform.

cp2_3317    cp2_3303

Their designs boast inspiration from “vibrant city life”  and “posh country escapes” and aims to create collections around the “day to play” philosophy. Obviously, this sings straight to my heart strings and I eat it up.


cp2_3500   cp2_3212


From a completely objective perspective, their pieces are quality and they don’t play into the easy fast fashion appeal that has been a result of the industry’s new-found openness.

This pleated skirt and asymmetrically draped top are 2 pieces that stood out to me from their collection. Even within my monochrome palette, I still found pieces that stood true to the Ego Soleil philosophy of quality, boldness, and living a playful life. I mean, how can you not dance, twirl, and prance when your clothes boast so much beautiful movement.




Best part of this discovery though? I actually got the chance to sit down with some of the Ego Soleil team while I was in NYC.

We met at Center Bar in the middle of New York’s hustle and bustle. Del, Ego Soleil’s primary visionary, shared his dream for Ego Soleil. We chatted about the opening of the fashion industry and how this change excited us. It’s amazing to hear from the teams behind the brands I work with. I get to hear about the blood, sweat, tears, and, best of all, the dream behind the products that stand before me in my closet.



cp2_3392 cp2_3420

Ego Soleil is in midst of its brand relaunch in light of the industry’s changes and I can’t wait to share more from them. Their e-commerce store will be launching in the next couple months and they’re searching far and wide to bring fashion to the masses.


You want to keep an eye on these movers and shakers. Their team is young, bold, fresh, and ready to build something that really matters. Their drive is inspiring and I can’t wait to witness and be a part of their movement.

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What do you think of Ego Soleil? Do you agree with the openness of fashion?