European Inspired Work Chic & How To Be It

Whenever I think of European women, I think “effortless”. They’re just an err about them that screams “I woke up like this”. I imagine them waking up to their espresso, grabbing their tote, throwing up on the first thing they wear, and looking fabulous and badass trekking into work. Maybe this is my self created stereotype of European women or maybe it’s too many movies, either way, fictional or not, this “European Chic” woman is a major style icon for me. 

When I dress for work, I try to make it as effortless as possible – and not exactly in the “because I’m so fabulous” way, but in the “I only have so much time in the morning” way. I wish I had enough time to sit in front of my closet and ponder about the next cute outfit I want to put together. In reality, my mornings are about getting out of the house as quickly as possible so I can make it to my first meeting on time. 


That being said, I’ve rounded up my favourite tips for dressing (what I like to call) “European Work Chic” – a combination of channeling that effortless European working woman and the efficiencies of a North American morning. 

1) Monochrome is both effortless and efficient

2) Ruffles can be serious and feminine

3) Culottes are like work-appropriate sweatpants 

4) Accent heels leave a little statement everywhere you go

5) A good pair of summer shades can have you feeling like Anna 

Of course, this isn’t my rule of thumb for everyday, but I’ve found this combo work for me every time. From a day full of meetings, to a press event, to a fancy dinner… this special ensemble gets me through it. And that’s what I call efficiency. 

mel inspired



Shoes – Jewel Embellished Sandal
Le Chateau ($80)

I’m in love with the level of the heels of this strappy sandal. It makes for walking and hustling from meeting to meeting so much more effortless. I wore these for a full day and didn’t have as much as a patch of redness on my feet. In true Le Chateau fashion, they’re comfy as hell. But of course, the statement maker is that jewel embellished heel. I’m always a bit hesitant when it comes to anything sparkly, as it can go to tacky real fast, but these are perfectly tasteful and add just the right amount of sparkle to your daily grind. Quite literally leaving a bit of sparkle everywhere you go.



Ruffled Off Shoulder Top
Miss Pap ($34)

This top was a recent pick up from a summer hauls trend I did for Youtube and I am obsessed with it. It’s one of those rare online purchases that fit even better than they look on the site! And for $34, you’re basically getting a steal. It’s the perfect transition top from the office with a pair of dressy culottes, to a leather skirt in the evening for a night out on the town. 



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