“Fallin’ In Paris”: Fall Must-Haves You Need This Season

The smell of baguettes mixed with a crisp fall breeze, the view of the Eiffel Tower basking in a warm sunset, and sitting cafe-side sipping on a toasty cappucino… sigh, it truly feels like fall. 

And we figured, what better way to showcase the best of fall than by spending it in arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world… Paris

When Vic and I embarked on planning our seasonal editorial for fall, we couldn’t resist booking a last minute flight to Paris to serve as the most beautiful backdrop to show you guys what the brands and products we’re loving for the new season. Between fashion, skincare, fragrance, bodycare, to travel accessories, we hope this round up and Fall Vibes in Paris inspires you to embrace the golden-toned season and everything it has to offer. But as the French would say, allons-y!












Kiehls has long been one of my favourite skincare brands that I’ve raved about. I love that their products are rooted from the brand’s apothecary roots and the way their products work definitely show just that. That are 2 new products I got introduced to recently and they’ve quickly become go-to fall (and likely forever) favs:










Glow Formula Skin Hydrator
This moisturizer honestly does it all. I use it as a serum, as a primer, and as a light moisturizer. It’s perfect for the person on the go (because LBH, sometimes it’s exhausting to bring around our 5-step K-Beauty routine with us everywhere. This baby is infused with Pomegranate and has Illuminating Minerals that give your skin that finished glow. It’s also made with 95% naturally derived ingredients. Swoon.
Buttermask For Lips
This buttermask is LITERALLY god-sent. I’m on a really harsh medication right now that dries out my lips so badly that they chap all day. This mask is incredible to drench your lips with right before you sleep (you wake up to different lips. Legit). I also use it throughout the day because my lips are so dry and crack often, and with the cold weather on its way, this little pot of gold is going to be my go-to all season long.









Fall is all about getting our bodies ready for the winter (which, in the words of John Snow… is DEFINITELY coming). Putting the glamour aside for a second… I actually suffer from psoriasis, and it’s something that affects me all year round, but especially in the colder months. My dermatologist first introduced me to CeraVe about a year ago, and even though the bottles might not be fancy and the price points are affordable, I’m telling you… this stuff is LIFE CHANGING. 

If you’re unfamiliar with CeraVe, you definitely want to look into it. The technology is actually formulated from a dermatologist perspective and the results show. My bumps and dry patches go down almost immediately (as does the itchiness).

These are are some of my favourite products leading into the colder seasons, but CeraVe has options for every skin type and in all honesty, it’s definitely an all year round sorta thang. 







CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion
This is what I lather my entire body with every morning and throughout the day. It maintains your skin’s moisture barrier and I find it results in a long fewer itchy patches popping up throughout the day. I love how lightweight it is (and absorbs so fast)
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
This guy is like the boyfriend who picks you up and loves you when you’re at your lowest point. It’s a bit thicker (although not greasy at all) than the cream and I typically apply this right out of the shower to give my skin the super boost, and at night before I sleep on my dry patches. Both the lotion and cream includes CeraVe’s technology with essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid.
CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream
This is my travel bestie. Not only does it moisturize your hands, it protects them from harmful irritants and allergens. I find that it absorbs super fast and my little tip is that I carry this in my purse both as a hand cream and as a moisturizer for my dry patches (since it has the same technology as the cream and lotion).










Bentley Leathers is a proudly Canadian retailer and it’s one that I grew up with. Every new school year, my mom would take me to go pick out a new backpack and Bentley is always where we went to get it. Although I’m not going back to school this fall, I travel… a lot. And Bentley is the go-to for that too (amongst a ton of travel accessories and fashion items).

I had been in the market for a while for a new suitcase and really wanted to try an aluminum suitcase. I had so many questions I wanted answers to: is it worth the money? what about the marks and dents? is it really sturdier? I got my answers.









After taking the Bentley Blackbook Luggage with me from Toronto to Paris, from Paris to Santa Barbara (with 2 connections), and then back to Toronto, I can safely say that this baby is 100% worth the investment. It’s a more cost efficient option to other aluminum luggages and is seriously worth every penny. Here’s why: 





– the durability is next level. Sure, it has dents and scratches (like any other luggage), but on the aluminum case, it’s almost appealing to see the imperfections. It tells a story of your travels. 

– the snap enclosure is SO much more efficient than zippers and actually allows you to pack so much more into it

– I love that this one has multiple sections and the enclosures for each section are so smart

– the sturdiness of the piece makes it easier to roll around and doesn’t flop around like flimsier luggages

– it has 360 degree spinning wheels

– it has 2 TSA approved locks that are really easy to program

– and lastly, it’s hella stylish and beautiful to look at














I’ve featured this incredible female-driven brand so many times in the past, but Poppy and Peonies’ new fall collection is TO DIE FOR. After featuring it on my IG Stories, I received SO many messages about when these babies would be launching. And the day has come… they’re officially available online!

From the perfect cross bodies, to perfectly studded clutches, here are a couple of my favourites and where to pick up these gorgeous clutches made by girlbosses for girlbosses:








Brigitte Crossbody Bag
I love how chic this bag is with the large gold hardware. It transforms from day to night so easily and the mixture of textures of the vegan leather really elevates the look. The burnt orange is my favourite colour and you would be SO surprised how much this bag fits inside. It can also be used both as a cross body as a clutch. Versatility – check!
RSVP Clutch
This studded beauty is the do-it-all. It might seem like your average envelope bag, but it is so much more (and definitely fits it). It can be worn 3 ways – as a wristlet, clutch, or crossbody and I am here for all three. I loved it so much that I had to have it in both red and black. The gold hardware is also the perfect shade that goes with just about everything. I’m RSVP-ing to this beauty… twice. e

Here are the bags styled (basically went with every single one of my outfits):








Deep down, I am the biggest nerd (especially when it has to do with technology). And I finally, FINALLY, got my hands on a tablet. I had been hesitant for a while, but after getting my hands on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, I have no idea why I waited so long. I have a full review of its features and functionality coming to the blog soon, but I couldn’t help including it in my new season favs. I took it with me to Paris and it was literally my best friend the entire trip. 

Between the ability to literally write on it with the S Pen, the keyboard functionality, the desktop mirroring, and the longest battery life ever (hello Netflix binging!), this is the piece of tech that will keep you company for those chilly nights in and those productive days out.














I love picking up new scents every season. I feel like fragrance tells a story and with every new season, I have new stories to tell. Whenever I pick up a scent from my perfume tray, it automatically brings me back to a time and memory. And for this fall in Paris, there was no better scent to fit the scene than “La Vie Est Belle” by Lancome. 

Did you know it was incarnated by Julia Roberts herself? Talk about a Pretty Woman moment. The scent is floral but what I love most about it is its message. It’s about loving life, appreciating it, and spreading happiness everywhere you go. And there was no better sentiment or floral adorned smell to dress our memories of Paris in. 

Even if you’re not in Paris, you’ll love La Vie Est Belle… and who knows, maybe it’ll transport you there!








Et voilà! That was fall in Paris and some of my favourite must-haves for the new season. And whether you’re spending your fall months at home or somewhere as magical Paris, I hope that you feel the joy that fall brings. It’s all about crisp beginnings and cozy heart warming moments, and I’m off to soak up every moment of it. 

I hope you liked this fall-must haves editorial round up, that some of these items resonate with you, and most of all, that it inspired you to dress yourself in everything fall has to offer! Cheers to falling madly in love with fall!

mel inspired


What was your favourite item in the fall must-haves round up? What’s your favourite thing about fall?


*** This post was made in generous partnership with our partners: Kiehls Canada, CeraVe Canada, Poppy and Peonies, Lancome, and Bentley Leathers.

  • Lizzy H.

    I love Fall too and your fall roundup is fabulous, Mel! Paris is such a beautiful city and I love your style in these shots! Simply gorgeous. I adore the pink outfit in that Laduree shot. One of my favorite places to visit when I’m in Paris. 🙂


    • Aw thank you so much Lizzy! Paris is definitely one of the most magical places in the world. So glad you liked the round up 🙂

  • Wow this is a gorgeous post. So inspiring. Paris is my favourite city. Swooning! xx Maria