The Florals You Need For Fall Transitioning

With fall at our heels, no lie, I am starting to crave a pumpkin spiced latte. That said, I find August and September weather to be horribly confusing. There are days that feel like a summer scorcher and others that feel like Christmas is tomorrow. And in Canada, we definitely feel the pang of this confusion more than others. 

We’ve definitely had more warm days in August than chilly ones, so as far as I’m concerned, I’m hanging on to the summer vibes as long as I possibly can. That said, I know I have to be a realist and bring myself to the conclusion that fall is en route and investing in new summer pieces is a questionable luxury. 
One of the things I love most about summer is florals. Something about a beautiful floral print instantly lifts my mood. It makes me sad just to think about packing these away for another 8-10 months (Canadian winter are long). But I’ve realized, this is actually something I can avoid… if we’re buying florals smart. 


Dark florals to the rescue

Florals aren’t reserved for the spring and summer anymore, and with the strong boho trend living strong all seasons round, there’s a way to wear them into your fall seasons. Here are a few tips when you’re looking for just the right floral to pick up: 

  1. Go for a darker tone (think gem tones, blacks, and stark contrasts instead of pastels)

  2. Look for items that are going to transition into fall (like a jumpsuit/pants instead of a summer dress)

  3. Find pieces that are layerable and would go well with a chunky knit sweater (because trust me, you’ll be wearing them before you know it)




I picked up this gorgeous Le Chateau jumpsuit this month and I’m definitely on planning to wear it throughout the transitional season. I’ve styled it here in full summer heat (just because I really am not ready to let go just yet… separation anxiety, yknow?). Perfect for vacation mode (I wore it during my time in Florida), but ready for the fall, this jumpsuit is my key to living summer all year round (or at least into fall)

What’s great about this jumpsuit? 




Beyond checking off everything from the dark floral checklist, this jumpsuit has a few other notable qualities I think are worth mentioning: 

  1. It’s comfortable AF – and you know my position on purchasing only comfortable items
  2. It’s the perfect length. I’m 5’7 and this jumpsuit doesn’t drag on the floor or need hemming
  3. It’s got an adjustable top portion (wear it unbuttoned for some cleavage freedom or button it up to cover up)
  4. The spaghetti straps make it perfect to layer right over a white T for a completely different look










And that’s that. Cheers to officially beginning the transition into fall. I can’t say I’m entirely impressed nor excited, but I’ll be digging up all the fall inspiration to get me there! 


mel inspired

Are you a fan of the dark florals for fall transitioning?