How To Get Designer Bags (YSL, Gucci, Prada) On Sale (Ft. Reebonz)

Designer bags for me are huge symbols. My mom was always a huge lover of fashion. Growing up, she always told me… if you want to spend lots of money on something, do it on a bag, you’ll have it forever. And I took her advice – after all, she passed down her Louis Vuitton Vintage Speedy to me. It’s literally older than me. She got it when she was 20. 

Ever since, bags have held this symbol of art to me. That and you pair a bag with everything. It’s not a top you wear a couple times and that’s it. So ever since I can remember saving money to buy something I really wanted… it’s always been for a designer bag. 

That being said, I know a lot of people think it’s ludicrous to spend over $1000 for a bag… or even $500. And admittedly, I’ve painfully shelled out a couple of those Gs for a Chanel or 2. I didn’t come from a family that gave us any allowance and worked hard for every penny; but it made that final purse purchase even more meaningful to me. 

I still remember purchasing my very first Chanel. It was one of the scariest but also, the biggest motivating moment of my life. It sounds superficial, but when you put yourself in uncomfortable positions and work hard for something, it pushes you to work even harder. Purses have just worked for me as a catalyst for that. 

That being said, now that my purse collection has grown quite a bit, I’m definitely on the lookout for a good deal or two… I mean, who isn’t?

SAVED $670
On My New Prada Pionnière Bag

I just got this new Prada Pionnière purse and I’ve been looked for one in this exact colour way for a while! I don’t have a red purse in my collection and wanted one that wouldn’t be too loud and go with a lot of my neutrals. It’s such a classic piece with gold hardware… and the best part? It was $600 off the regular price…


How do you find designer bags on sale?

Contrary to opinion, fancy designers (like Chanel, Gucci, Prada, etc.) DO go on sale. Not so much here in North America, but my friends in Europe tell me all about the crazy sales over there and it’s definitely a possibility!

So what about us here in North America? This is where I take to online. 

Online designer boutiques have international reach and have a lot less red tape in terms of pricing than the luxury flagships boutiques do. I’ve found bags for more than 30% off their regular price… and in current season! Crazy, right?! It’s definitely something to dance about!

My Go-To Online Designer Boutique: Reebonz

There are a lot of online designer boutiques, but it is hard to find the ones that make sense for you and are worth the browse. For me, my go-to designer boutique is Reebonz

They even have an “Outlet” section on their site… I mean, c’mon! You can find basically every designer you’re looking for on there. So far, I’ve got a YSL, Proenza Shoueler, and most recently this beautiful new Prada Bag from there. I never have a problem with shipping, customs, or bag conditions, and you really just can’t beat the price. They even send you your bag in their beautiful Reebonz black and gold luxury box (that I use for storing for bags and designer items). 


Up to 70% On Reebonz
Designer Bags On Sale I’m Coveting





Saint Laurent Rider Sleeve 
Save $200 ($590)











Saint Laurent Blogger Bag
Save $250 ($1250)













Saint Laurent Classic Monogram Clutch
Save $300 ($1180)












Givenchy Pandora Chain Wallet
Save $400 ($1590)











Proenza Shouler PS11 Cross Body
Save $550 ($1850)






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Tips For Buying Designs Bags Online

It can be scary to buy designer bags with high ticket prices on them online. Here are my tips for pulling the trigger and knowing which boutiques to trust, what to look for, and which to be weary of: 

  1. How’s their about page? 
  2. Do they allow comments on their product pages? 
  3. Google reviews from other users who have purchased from them 
  4. Do they have a return policy?
  5. Do they have a customer care forum/channel?
  6. How do they authenticate their items?


Designer bags are like trophies. They’re something most of us spend a lot of time and effort saving up for. And if you can make your dollar stretch that much more, well… it’s a good day! I hope this helps you find a couple cost savings and nudge you to take that next big leap to treat yourself. You are so worth it beautiful! 

Happy designer bag shopping friends!

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