Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers Under $50

Holiday season is no longer just upon us, friends… it is here! And if you’re anything like me, you are late to the game when it comes to getting all of our holiday gifts in order. I love giving gifts during the season (who doesn’t love seeing a very full pile of presents under the tree), so my list gets pretty extensive. 

The people close to me know that despite my late-to-the-game nature of buying gifts, I’m super sentimental when it comes to choosing them. I typically piece multiple smaller gifts together to make each person’s gifts and attach a sentiment to each of the items. They’re basically a big box of stocking stuffers. There’s always lots to unwrap and multiple surprises in one gift. 


But my crazy multi-tiered gifts aside, stocking stuffers are also great “I forgot you” or “here’s a little token” gifts… and I feel like I’ve gotten really good at scouting these stocking stuffers out. 

Sharing my go-to stocking stuffers under $50 with you here (just in case you’re a late shopper like me, or just have that stubborn name on your list that you can’t seem to cross off): 

p.s. if you get them from Amazon, and if you’ve got the Amazon Prime 1 day shipping hook up, you can bet your butt that know one will even know you were late to the game (#LifeHacks)

Stocking Stuffers For The Beauty Obssessed




Bestope Blackhead Remover Kit ($11.19)

Because at-home-facials will finally be possible with this baby, and your beauty obsessed friend will know you did your research.









Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Set ($14.97)

Because you know your beauty obsessed pal has their at-home manicure station on lockdown and they could always use a fresh update of colours. 








Vitamin C Serum ($29.88)

You will officially be considered a beauty pro if you’re gifting this. It’s what the beauty OGs use to compliment their skincare routines.








Remington Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener ($23.99)

Because every beauty junkie knows this is the tool that does it all. Period. Full Stop.






Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit ($20.47)

This one goes for everyone and anyone… you truly can’t go wrong. 




Stocking Stuffers For The Techie





VicTsing Car Mount ($14.99)

You’ll totally show them that you care about their tech as much as you do. 










Amazon Basics 60 Inch Tripod ($24.14)

Still one of my favourites. Literally a huge bang for your buck. 















Behringer Multi-Purpose Headphones ($16)

Whether it’s to tune you out, play video games, or plan their new year workout plan, this under $20 purchase will excite anyone.









Tile Mate – Anything Finder ($26.72)

Because this tech is seriously next level; and if your techie friend doesn’t already have one, well you’re sure to become their best friend next year.





Stocking Stuffers For The Home (and Homemakers)



Spectrum Diversified Scoop Storage Basket ($19)

Your modern home decor diva will love you for contributing to her undeniable organizational program.









Umbra Trigg Wall Vessel ($47.38)

Because there’s nothing more that says I love you than a floating terrarium right? Well, your homemaker friend will definitely see it that way. 









VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser ($49.99)

Your homemaker loved one will thank you for helping them make their home smell even greater.










Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik All In One Vacuum ($29.99)

Mostly because it’s on sale for almost 50% off, but even if not, that’s one hell of a gift to give your home-obsessed friend. Trust me, they won’t even be offended. 






Admittedly, if you’re reading this and are expecting a gift from me this year… you’re likely receiving some combination of these things haha It’s just so easy to click the budget, add to cart, and see my entire expenditures for the season in one swift movement. Not to mention, they all arrive at my house without me having to even leave my PJs. And to all of my fellow late shoppers out there: have no fear, you got this haha I hope this helps and that you’re enjoying every moment of gift giving this season friends!

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