HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY: My Favourite Spa Treatment At The Shangri-La

spa retreat

Holiday season means you deserve to treat yourself, pamper yourself, and indulge. I’m not just talking about the turkey, christmas cookies, and shopping – there’s something to be said for getting some quality R&R into your holiday time.

That being said, I’ve partnered up with the Shangri-La Toronto‘s Miraj Hammam Spa By Caudalié to give away my absolute favourite treatment at the spa. No gimmicks, no hidden tricks, just a little special something from me to you for the holidays emoji (you might end up seeing me there too haha I’m addicted to this treatment) 

Details of how to win at the end of this post wink emoji

spa retreat

What treatment are you getting?

Some of you might remember my girl-date at the Miraj Hammam spa with The Lust Listt. We got the Hammam and Gommage treatment for the first time ever and we were hooked.

The Hammam and Gommage treatment is a steam & body exfoliation tradition from the Middle East. It’s a full hour of de-stressing, purifying, detoxifying, and all that good stuff. It first involves entering a high-intensity mist chamber (which is infused with eucalyptus). Your mind will literally wander – I forgot I was in the city and thought I had entered into a tropical rainforest.

After this, you lay on Jerusalem gold marble and a very lovely aesthetician comes to give you a full body Gommage (exfoliation) with more ucalyptus! The eucalyptus black Morocan soap they use literally leaves your skin like silk. And not to be too graphic but you literally see your dead skin flaking off of you. IT’S AMAZING!

spa retreat   spa retreat

spa retreat

The spa is exactly what you should expect from the Shangri-la. It’s exotic, luxurious, and absolutely pampering. It’s definitely something you want to schedule either after your Christmas rush is over or in between your shopping runs (to keep you fresh to death for all those holiday parties emoji)

spa retreat    spa retreat


This entire spa treatment is my gift to one of you inspirationalists for the holidays emoji Here’s the simple (like suuuper simple) guide on how to win:

Enter the Giveaway

I’m making it super simple to enter because you ALL deserve to win and be pampered! And if you don’t win, definitely take a trip to the spa and get this treatment done – you can thank me later wink emoji
Winner will be announced and contacted on December 7, 2015! IMPORTANT: This contest is (unfortunately) only open to those in Toronto (or who can make it to Toronto for the treatment and is only offered at at the Shangri-la Toronto).


Comment below on this blog post (hint: tell me why you’d benefit from having the treatment)! Make sure to include your email so that I can contact you if you’re the winner.

GOOD LUCK FRIENDS! I can’t wait to gift this treatment to one of you for the holidays!

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  • Chloe L says:

    THIS SPA TREATMENT SOUNDS AMAZINGGG … especially that high-intensity mist chamber moment…
    My skin has always been super dry and more so now especially in the winter and in the midst of school and masters apps! (dying)
    *thumbs up for the post and lovely giveaway* !

  • Elizabeth Ching says:

    You literally made this sound like the best thing in the world 🤗 I think a luxurious spa treatment sounds like the best way to treat myself after getting through school for the year, and to jump into an indulgent holiday mood!
    Best of luck to all, and thanks Mel!

  • I would kill for a good spa treatment before the holidays. Presently working two jobs and not ready to deal with the stress of the holidays at all!

  • Gauri Gogna says:

    Hey Mel!

    I’ve been following your posts for the past few months, and they’ve really been incredible! You’re doing a great job!

    With that said, I would benefit from this treatment immensely- I’m coming home from law school in a few weeks and after months of studying (and an insane exam period), I need a break.

    Thanks for hosting this contest, I hope all is well!

  • Michelle Briffett says:

    Looks amazing!

  • Marina says:

    I LOVE Caudalie products and always wanted to try out this spa.
    I am working in accounting so the year end is always super busy and stressful plus I have an exam coming up on Saturday. It would be so nice to relax and take a few moments to myself.
    Thank you Mel for the beautiful post and a wonderful opportunity to win!

  • Aney Mei says:

    The treatment sounds incredible and much-needed. My skin gets extremely dry in the winter time so I would love to exfoliate and refresh just in time for the new year! I would love to get pampered at the Hammam spa – I’ve walked by so many times and have always wanted to experience their spa offerings.

    Thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway! xx

  • Christina D says:

    Wow, sounds incredible, it looks really nice! I’d really forward to something like this especially after how chaotic the next coming week will be with finals and working longer holiday hours and thank you for the opportunity!

  • Jane M. says:

    I’m always on the go. I spend most of my time downtown, back and forth from work, photography projects, and exercising; it’s been a whirlwind of chaos. I’ve been wearing a lot of pencil skirts to be fashion-savvy amongst all these events, and the unfortunate Canadian weather has been quite harsh on them, as well. It’d be an absolute pleasure to be pampered at one of the most lavish hotels in Toronto with Caudalie as a birthday and Christmas treatment in one. Surprisingly I’ve never been at a spa before (the closest being a physiotherapy clinic) so this would definitely be a memorable experience!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Mel! Cheers!

  • Prizzi M. says:

    I love that you started adding the “Inspiration” portion to each of your Insta pictures!
    Also this spa treatment seems much needed post finals! xo

  • Laura says:

    Hi Mel, I want to begin by saying thank you so much for sharing your experience at the
    Miraj Hammam Spa By Caudalié, sounds so dreamy! And even more so for the opportunity to share the love with one lucky reader.

    I have just ventured back to school, (grad school that is!) this year, and between my insane workload at school and job on the side, I have had no time to take care of myself let alone pamper myself, so this would really be such a treat for me! I have also never been to a spa..ever! haha I am always putting either work, friends and family before myself so this would be a well-deserved and earned me experience. Would definitely be the cherry on top of the end of my stressful semester and start to my holidays!

    Hope to see you there? 🙂

  • Rosemary L. says:

    The Hammam and Gommage treatment at the Shangri-La would be amazing and much needed after finishing an intense semester in graduate school. It’d be nice to de-stress and relax, while keeping my skin looking fresh this winter! Thanks for sharing about your experience and for hosting this giveaway!

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