The Holiday Outfit For Every Occasion

With dinners, parties, work gatherings, and everything in between, lining up your holiday outfits can be hella tedious. Every year, I tend to pick one outfit that ends up making the rounds across all of those events (and makes it so much easier to not have to buy a whole new outfit for each occasion). 

This year, that outfit is definitely a velvet suit. 

You guys know I love my textures, but velvet is one those must-haves for the winter time for so many different reasons. 1) It’s actually super warm. Velvet is like the dressed up cousin of fleece haha. 2) Most velvet is super stretchy, making it perfect for those feasting moments. 3) It adds a level of effortless glam that you really don’t need to think to much about. 


And on the note of comfort, enter my go-to lazy-girl (but not looking lazy) outfit – a suit. When people tell me they love my suited outfits, I laugh a bit to myself because it’s probably one of the outfits that require the least amount of effort haha It’s already paired for you, already looks good together, and gives you that effortless put-together vibe (without actually having to do any of the work yourself). 


I’ve spoken about my love for suiting in so many posts, so naturally, I had to close off the year in one. 

This velvet green suit is from my go-to suiting brand – Le Chateau. They make almost all of their suits in-house here in Canada and they always fit like a glove. I love that they sell the blazer and pants separately too, so you can make sure you find a fit that’s right for you. 

Link to my velvet green suit.


Et voilà, my go-to holiday outfit that’s carrying me through just about all of my holiday occasions (and likely into the new year too). I hope that the rest of your year is filled with love, joy, happiness, and I’ll see all of your beautiful faces in the inspired new year!


mel inspired

What’s your go-to holiday outfit?