How To Look Beach Chic + VIDEO

There’s nothing like heading to the beach on a hot summer day. The buzz of people enjoying the sun and loving life is just contagious. You could be having the worst day and a fun day at the beach would change all of that. That being said, I’m committed to spending as much of my summer (and days down south) at the beach and wanted to dedicate a full post on how I get beach chic.

Although us Torontonians don’t have the most glamorous beaches (they’re mostly ridden by sewage and murky brown Lake Ontario waters), we do having some hidden gems tucked away. The Scarborough bluffs is one of them – and made for the perfect beach chic backdrop.

Outfit In Action




CP2_3460    CP2_3522

The top is one of my new favourites from Romwe. It’s the only off-the-shoulder top I have that doesn’t constrict my shoulders and allows me to wave my arms around without any hold-back.  It’s because the sleeves and the body of the top are actually separate. It’s genius! Even better? It’s only $15.99! Move over Forever 21. I’m addicted to shopping on this site.



The shorts are a cute pair I picked up down south in Florida at a Marshalls (also super cheap – about $20). It’s made of that super stretchy denim, so they’re uber comfy.



The slides are my new favourite summer go-to sandal – Birkenstocks. I know, I know, nothing revolutionary; but this is the first time I’ve ever actually tried Birkenstocks, and although they required breaking in, I totally understand why they’re a crowd fav. You can find them in my curated ShoeMe collection here!



CP2_3505    CP2_3650

The sun hat and marble necklace are two of my favourites from the Dynamite’s summer collection. I love how the they add just the right touch, but don’t over do it. You want to look effortless at the beach after all emoji You can find the floppy sun hat here (only $23) and the duo-tone marble necklace here (on sale for only $12).

The bag is my favourite Bench bucket bag, that you’re probably sick of seeing already; but you know how much I love my Bench backpacks! It’s the perfect Beach chic accessory because you can literally throw everything in there, pull the draw strings, and be on your way!


As you can tell my beach chi outfit also means major ballin’ on a budget. You never know what will come of your beach day… and the last thing you need is to be watching over your pieces hoping that they don’t get dirty. 

mel inspired

How do you style a beach chic outfit? Let me know in the comments below!



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