Inspired Look : Steps Forward

We’re always moving, changing, transforming. That’s the nature of being human – we’re constantly dynamic. It’s always so interesting to me to think about all the people there are on earth and all the change that they make… that eventually cause change in others’ lives, that have already changed because of someone else, etc. It’s like this extremely complex and interconnected web of change. It’s awe-inspiring.

And yet, despite all this change that naturally occurs in our life, sometimes we feel utterly stuck. Stuck in the monotonous routine that we feel has become our lives.


Do you ever feel like that? Like you’ve stopped? Your life keeps moving around you, but you feel like you haven’t changed, learned, or felt anything? Yeah, I’m sure you have. We all have. It’s a paradox for sure, because every second that ticks, we change and our cells evolve. But our brains are a whole other ball game right?!


This look was inspired on the ways that I try and see life, the way I see myself taking steps forward. You are your own worst critic and sometimes the mind plays dirty tricks on us. A lot of the good in your life comes from the way you think and your spin on that particular moment. Embodied in a look, these are my self-therapeutic pieces of advice that I tell myself to “take steps forward”



1) Don’t overcomplicate it. Simple and bland is not a bad thing.

The look is monochrome to represent staying simple, clean, organized, and perhaps… mundane. And more specifically, it’s about taking this “bland-ness” and learning to appreciate it. As much as I’m an adventure junky, sometimes simple keeps us grounded… and sane. You also have to learn to take it slow, don’t throw things together for the sake of speed. Approach your goals one step at a time.


CP2_7765_sq    CP2_7759_sq


2) Be one with the wind

Don’t laugh at my cheesiness. I know I know. I’m just a huge cheese ball. In all seriousness though, let the motions guide you to where you need to go. If you need to fight the wind, do it, and be strong. But don’t be too haste, you could use that wind to your advantage. I love long hems because it makes me feel like I’m riding the wind, hence the long black Italian wool coat that’s one of my key staples this season.




3) Make small, but effective steps forward

Sometimes you don’t have to do anything crazy to make progress. Sometimes it’s just about simple, but significant changes. This necklace and gold detailing on my purse and boots are minimal – but because they’re minimal, I think it makes them that much more powerful.




4) Take confident strides

When you decide to make a decision, a change, or a step forward, don’t waver when you do it. Step strong without hesitation. Inspired by this sentiment, I sported my new favourite pair of Geox booties, called the “New Twinka”.  They’re so comfortable I feel like I can conquer the world in them. They’ve got a heel too, so I still got dat sass emojiThe cushioning at the sole literally makes me feel like I could run a mile in them. You probably remember these classics as my favourite pair, but the Twinka pair are definitely giving them a run for their money.


CP2_7772_sq   CP2_7701_sqCP2_7704


5) Remember who you are and what your end goal is

Each step can be small, but don’t lose sight of the big picture. Don’t let disappointments get out of context. It’s so much easier than done and I find that I have to remind myself of this the most. Don’t forget the person you are and the goal you’re trying to achieve. And if you have no goal in mind… make some. Even if you don’t end up going there, it’s good to have direction to start moving.


CP2_7670    CP2_7645_long


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What do you do to take steps forward? Share your advice in the comments!