Inspired Look : Building Blocks In Life & Style

Everyday of our lives, we’re building towards something, if you really think about it. Whether it’s at work, at home, or walking down the street… we have a destination we’re moving towards, and are moving up above the person we were yesterday. Perhaps all of it started when we were playing blocks or lego as children, or perhaps the fact that children love building blocks says something about our nature towards building.



Everything we see in the world is, in fact, a result of building blocks, isn’t it? Every building, every cup of coffee, every transaction is built off of some sort of structure… a structure that took a lot of building blocks.

I wanted this layered look to speak to that… the idea of building blocks and how we build our lives, pieces by piece. It’s beautiful when you really stop to think about it. When we think of building blocks, we think of contractors, construction, hard labour. What we don’t realize is that whether we’re using our hands or our brains, we’re all building something every day of lives.




CP2_1638   CP2_1631

This industrial area had me super inspired because of the diversity of colours and the materials that were just sitting there. It’s like they were waiting to be used. They’re waiting to be a block, a part of something bigger than itself. I love that idea. The idea that the tools are there waiting for us, we just have to use them.



Naturally, the tops in this look are super boxy (it also happens to be a trend right now). The button up was on sale at Zara for $30 and I love the tuxedo hem of the low-high feature. It gives your classic white button up a different twist. I layered this mesh printed box-top I picked up from the Jess Glynne collection at Bench (which you know I’m completely obsessed with) and a pair of my favourite window pane shorts from Brandy Melville. I love how the white shirt plays off the fun and wild mesh T. It’s a complete paradox but I felt like it worked. After all, not everything in life makes sense, now does it?

CP2_1613_sq CP2_1635_sq



The whole look started from the shoes though. As much as a sexy stiletto scream power woman, nothing is more comfortable than block heels. These perforated booties from Le Chateau’s luxe line are no exception. They’re the real building shoes. You might see a power woman in stilettos at a meeting, but when she’s out there slumming it, building everything, she’s definitely not in 1cm thick heels.


The leather on these beauties are so luxurious and soft. They mould to the shape of your foot which makes them even more comfortable.



Together, I wanted the look to subtly remind myself of the fact that, one piece at a time, I’m getting closer to the goals I set in front of me. Although they might not make sense at first, I’m working to get there. I’m in the factory, making it work. For that, friends, you should be so proud of yourself. You’re building and that takes time… that’s okay, just never stop stacking those boxes!

mel inspired

What inspires you to keep on building?


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