Rewind a decade or so and it’s crazy to think that bloggers didn’t really exist. Instagram wasn’t really a thing, neither was Youtube, and the style trends were dictated by the fashion elite like Anna Wintour and Vogue Magazine. I definitely think there’s room for everyone in the crazy digital world, but it’s beautiful that the world we live in has totally democratized “style” and what that is. It truly is what you make of it and everyone can have a say. 

I love it when aspiring bloggers reach out to me and ask me whether they should start doing this. The answer is OF COURSE. It’s never too late to share your opinions. Everyone is an influencer. It’s not just a space reserved for people who have thousands of followers. The world we live in today has made sharing opinions, advice, and shopping tips open to everyone.

I’m as much as huge fan of bloggers/Youtubers/Instagrammers, as much as I am one. I follow tons of people for style and fashion advice and it’s where I get 99.9% of all of my inspiration. I’m lucky to also call some of those people my friends as well, which makes it that much better. 

And as I scrolled through my feed the other day (and peered into the pieces I’ve personally purchased recently), I realized there are definitely “IT” items in the market right now that seem to have won everyone’s hearts. I’m sure you’ve seen them as well… 

The Glen Check Blazer

It’s more the print than anything! And I love that the Glen Check Blazer trend is one that’s actually timeless. There’s nothing more classic than a well-fit blazer in your closet. The Glen Check print is truly a refined heritage item. It’s been around forever and you know that even if it dips a bit out of trendiness, it’ll certainly come back. 

I love this Glen Check version from Le Chateau (on sale for $146!). Their suiting is almost entirely MADE IN CANADA (who can still say that?!) and fits like a glove. It’s made with a bit of an elastic material, so it moves with your body and is super comfortable. When you’re a busy girl running around the city, comfortable blazers are a huge must! 



The Paperboy Hat

Also not a new revolution… I mean, paperboys were literally wearing these while tossing out newspapers (kind of ironic isn’t it?). But in all honesty, this hat has truly saved my butt from bad hair days on so many an occasion. There’s nothing like a cute hat to finish off any outfit and this was is in every blogger’s closet right now. Admittedly, I have it in 4 different colours and prints. 

I love that it adds a Parisian flare to just about any look. This one I’m wearing from Le Chateau is called the “Poor Boy Cap” ($20)  and is amazing because it has any elastic band, making it super comfy. 



If you’ve got these 2 items in your closet, well you’re basically already an influencer haha And hey, if you’re not a fan of either of these trends, I’m sure you’re making your own! Here’s to making our own rules, interpreting the trends how we wish, and welcoming a world where everyone gets a voice! 

mel inspired


  • Your photos are beyond gorgeous!! I love the check blazer 🙂

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    • Mel

      You’re too sweet Jess! I adore your photos. Thank you so much 🙂