3 Tips To Keep Your Flare In Fall/Winter

Winter can feel stifling. I know I sound like I complain about it a lot, but it’s really because I’m trying to help myself prep for it haha. If you’ve read any of my most recent posts, you’ll know that I’m almost exclusively talking about this pre-winter jazz.


It’s something that all us Canadian bloggers deal with – looking cute and trendy in the winter when all we really want to do is stay warm in our parkas with a warm cup of hot chocolate.


That being said, I’m committed to making my wardrobe stylish in the winter… or at least during the fall-winter transition. These are some of my little tips and tricks that allow me to keep my swag on in the colder seasons.

1) Pay attention to the details

We can’t be very creative with cut outs (our skin will literally freeze), but we can be creative with the details in our outfits. The ruffle in a sweater, the tie up feature of a blouse, or a tassel on your shoes.



2) Invest in classics reinvented

Classic winter pieces will forever be stylish. A nice fur vest, a long pea coat, a long sleeve white blouse, etc. But they’re not always the most exciting of pieces. I found this treasure at Lavish Alice (one of my new favourite boutiques) and I’m obsessed with it! The faux fur sleeves elevate the look of this coat and make me feel like I’m wearing a $3000 Max Mara coat. The quality is also beautfiul. You want to make sure you keep in mind the quality of pieces that you invest in… especially if they’re coats.




3) Be daring by incorporating spring/summer pieces

No one said style was smart. It can be, but who are we kidding, nothing sexy is very smart (unless we’re talking about your brain – girl, I think your brain is sexy AF). That being said, I like throwing people off by wearing some of my favourite sexy open toe heels (especially in the transitional weather). And I knooooow that you wear these when you’re clubbing. Open toe sandals in the cold are for the daring and the badass haha


This new pair of Le Chateau Suede Ghillie tie ups are the newest addition to my lace up collection that you know all about wink emoji For the colder seasons, try layering your sandals up with stockings. Make them fishnet stockings and you’re officially a style blogger emoji



Keeping it simple in the winter is key. Stay classic, pay attention to the details, and be daring. Do these 3 things and everyone will be coveting your fall-winter style. Prepare for tons of compliments… not that you’re not already gorgeous dah-ling!

Happy fall-winter styling friends emoji

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