UNDER $50: Le Chateau Accessories Haul

You all know how much I’m down for a good deal. My obsession for warehouse sales and sales, in general, certainly runs deep. But those don’t come around all the time. And my shopping therapy needs weekly maintenance (as most girls’ do). 

In all seriousness though, shopping was always a favourite past time of mine. My mother and I used to spend days at the mall; and she would tell me I could pick one thing… only one. So I would walk around the entire mall with her, think about my choices, and decide right at the very end when I knew for sure what I wanted. 

Growing up, shopping became a form of expression. Some might say I might’ve wanted to be a stylist in another life… this life belonged to a Chinese family who probably wouldn’t have been so happy with their daughter being a stylist (haha, love you mom & dad). 

Regardless, shopping gave me the fun of piecing things together, running around from store to store, figuring out which item would be the very best fit. Nothing else would do. 

Life’s gotten busier as an adult and I don’t have as much time to scour through the malls. I’m sure you don’t either. So I’ve turned to partners, those go-to, never-fails-me, stores that I know will always have something for me. 

When it comes to accessories, that store is Le Chateau. Even before I started working as their ambassador, I loved their affordable, yet trendy jewelry and accessories. You know I love their shoes, but I’ve never talked about their accessories. 

I always get asked, “where are those from”, and no one ever believes me when I say Le Chateau

So I figured I would round up my most recent haul, my fav pick ups that were all under $40 (and if you’re just counting jewelry – under $20!)

Minaudière Clutch


You would never guess this was anything less than at least a couple hundred dollars. It looks like leather, feels like leather, opens like a designer purse, and styles like one too. For $50, it’s a huge score. 

Metal Hoop Earrings


100% Steel and a 100% classic. I have fine jewelry, but something about these hoops looking like $300 and costing $10 is so liberating. I’m never scared to lose them and they’re the perfect weight. At $10, you really just can’t go wrong.

Tassel Earrings


I wasn’t lying when I said their stuff was on-trend. These tassle earrings have literally saved my life when I forgot I had to go to a gala after work and all I had was a LBD and these. They’re so well done and don’t look cheap at all. I know there are tons of stores like Forever 21 that does cheap costume jewelry, but my Le Chateau pieces have lasted me forever and I’m never caught with the same pair as someone else on. 

Gold Choker


Remember about a year ago when no one in the world would carry chokers? And no one wanted to wear them either? Well that’s definitely changed and Le Chateau literally has a choker for every style. This gold pair can actually be worn longer as a necklace too, but sitting right above the collar bone, it’s the perfect golden touch. 

Silver Tassel Necklace


This is my go-to worn necklace – versatile, light, comfortable, and the perfect bit of sparkle to elevate your casual look. I feel like I throw them over a long blouse and leggings and I can get by the “office-attire” rule. And at $14, my wallet is comfortable with it too!

Spending less than $100, I successfully updated my entire jewelry collection for the season. Accessories have a way of totally changing an outfit and that’s why I love them so much. You can take a boring outfit and turn it into something amazing. You can take a dress down outfit and dress it up. They’re game changers… and imagine all the games you’ll be able to change with them not costing you a fortune! 

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