Learning To Be a Floridian Beach Bum Pro

This past long weekend, Dave and I escaped our normal Toronto city-life and took a $150 flight to our vacation home in Orlando. It sounds really glamorous, but trust me, in Orlando, you can live like a king with a budget that wouldn’t get you very far in Toronto.


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When we go ahead we tend to want to get a lot of things done – jam packing as many things into our day as possible. This time, since we were only going for 2 days, we decided to take it easy. The goal was to relax, spend time with my family (who were also there), and just go with the flow.


This is by far one of the most difficult things for me to do. I am an absolute failure when it comes to relaxing. Seriously. I have to will myself to do nothing. My fingers start tapping and I become obsessed with the idea that I have ADHD or something.

We ended up spending our first day at Disney World with my family and made it our mission to just lay by the beach and water, and do… nothing. The biggest challenge of life for me haha


We did this on our last trip as well, so I had gotten a bit of practice getting myself in the routine of turning my email off, throwing my phone in my bag, and just enjoying my surroundings. I was so surprised by how much better I had gotten at this whole “relaxing” thing. Don’t get me wrong, the temptation was real (especially since a had a couple ongoing client issues at work I was dealing with).


But there were times, my friends, times where I can genuinely say I forgot about everything and just lived. It was beautiful. And it’s something I’m pretty proud of myself for doing.

Doing nothing is a feat in itself. I envy those who are able to do it with ease. I’m convinced they lead happier less stressed lives haha


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To accompany my beach bum, relaxed vibe, I had to wear something utterly comfortable. These new beach jean shorts I picked up from Bench are literally the comfiest shorts (and denim material) that I have. It’s like jegging material (super lightweight), but fits loosely. It’s called the “Unbeatable Short” which, of course, I was drawn to as if it was calling my name. You all know I’m a huge sucker for cheesy names for my clothes. I will admit that you definitely feel unbeatable in them. They’re so comfy, I could probably conduct any workout in them and be perfectly fine.

I love that it’s a bit of a longer hem too. Short-shorts are great – but these are a bit more versatile, when I’m not trying to get my Kardashian booty on.



The white-shirt cover up always makes me feel like I’m yachting in Morocco or something. It’s an oversized, beautifully moving white button up, from Bench as well. When it’s open, it lets just the right amount of breeze in.



The bathing suit is from Delta and is one I’ve been meaning to break out for a while! I was sent it a while ago but, of course, you don’t get as many opportunities to sport a bathing suit in Toronto as one would like. This neoprene piece is actually a lot more lightweight than some other ones I own, which is great. It doesn’t squish your butt flat or penetrate your love handles.




I won’t lie – I was a bit nervous about the white colour (you all know I’m probably the messiest person out there). Surprisingly enough though, the suit didn’t get dirty at all… and, as you can see, I didn’t hold anything back. Sitting on dirt and grime didn’t affect the neoprene at all!

CP2_3169 CP2_3209


The slides are my new obsession from Le Chateau and are literally my travel must-haves right now. They’re so easy to pack and super lightweight. They’re also a steal at $60 – and considering they’re designed in Italy and are all leather, it’s a super score.




And you know that this entire outfit was comfs at its best. I wouldn’t be caught lounging without comfy clothes. That’s a trick to being able to relax – make sure that all the ingredients and your surroundings are conducive to relaxing. If not, it’ll be that much harder to get in the relaxing zone.

I hate to put gold on my own face, but I gotta say, I think I’m truly becoming a Beach Bum Pro (peace out work emails emoji emoji)

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What are you tips and trips to being a beach bum pro?


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