Lululemon Does More Than Yoga Pants


lululemon vest

VEST (Lululemon, $149). TURTLE NECK DRESS (American Apparel, $60). CLUTCH (H&M, $20). BOOTS (Zara, $50).

When you think Lululemon, you automatically think about yoga pants, or if you’re a millenial living in Canada, yoga jackets, yoga tights, and all over spandex. I still remember when I visited the Lululemon for the first time ever in Pacific Centre, Vancouver. I bought these (now hideous) bright orange-coral bell bottom yoga pants. Although I would say they’re passé now, they were the highlight of my wardrobe at 13.

Things haven’t changed much and I still adore Lululemon for all my workout gear and for that cool sporty look (yes– even if they’re made in places like China instead of within Canada, in the past). Sometimes Lulu prices can seem a little steep for a small piece of spandex, true – but their more recent shift in apparel has got me stirring a bit.



They’re introducing a lot more day-to-day wears, with a tinge of their sporty chic tone, naturally. When I saw this 3 way convertible vest, I thought a piece from Alexander Wang got mistakenly shipped to a Lululemon store. It was tailored well, had structure, had a collar that was just begging to be popped (not in the 90s Abercrombie way though), and had this neoprene feel that screamed luxury. Needless to say, I had to have it.

*DSC_3317I think I was channeling some Trinity From The Matrix type feelings and paired up this version of the vest with futuristic accents and an all black palette (makes you feel kind of bad ass, I won’t lie  funny monkey). I normally try to not fall back into the addiction of only wearing black, but every once in a while I left myself give in to my with drawl.

Although there are apparently so many different ways to wear this vest, I haven’t quite decided how I feel about taking the vest apart and wearing it the different ways – but we’ll get there.

*DSC_3349These black boots were a no brainer – I’m a huge fan of patent leather so these are often my go-to boots, but I figured they paired perfectly with the all black, giving some sheen and texture to the look. Not to mention, these are one of the only boots with an ankle size that fits mine (as I have clown feet and little ankles). 

lululemon vestWhat also got me coveting this vest was the little details, i.e. the intricate lining that just makes the transformer-like vest that much cooler. All in all, I’m loving the fact that Lululemon is expanding their horizon, giving us shoppers all the more reason to go on Lulu shopping sprees… without the hot yoga classes emoji!

Let me know what you think about the new Lululemon collections in the comments below! Should I keep spending my moula on weirdly cool Lulu pieces?

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