How To Make Winter Boots Stylish (Ft. Ecco)

Winter is a reality and it’s coming. It’s just about time to buckle in and bear the indoor activities and days snowed in. To add fuel to the fire, with winter comes the typically dreaded winter gear. Us Canadians know this struggle all too well. After all, we do live about 6 months out of the year in a parka and snow boots. It’s hard not to feel like a frump in winter gear. It’s often too puffy, wide, fuzzy… basically all the not-so-sexy things in life. 


This doesn’t have to be the case though; and I’m committed to solving the age old problem of feeling not stylish in my winter gear. I believe it starts with what’s on my feet.


These Ecco Ukiuk pair (try saying THAT 5 times in a row) are my current fuzzy favs – and fuzzy in the best way possible. I love that the outside of the boot is sleek with clean lines, but that the inner fluffy lining isn’t compromised. It’s the best of both worlds.




It’s a pretty smart boot too. It’s got a two component sole, for added grip and flexibility (great for when you’re running for the subway in 2 feet of snow). The upper made is double face leather which gives it that more luxe look. And of course, the lining basically feels like you’re wearing slippers all day.


I think what I love most about it is its silhouette though. It almost reminds me of a cross between a sneaker and Chelsea Boots – but winterized (yes, I’ve decided winterized is now a word). It also comes in the perfect range of neutrals, so you’re bound to mix and match them perfectly. 

Check out all the colours here!


cp2_9477    cp2_9452


Actually finding the right winter boot is the key to winning winter-boot-style.  Once you’ve got the right ones locked and loaded, here are my secret tips for winter boot slaying.



1) Tuck It In or Roll It Up

Pants are a must for winter – but it doesn’t mean they need to be frumpy. Find a nice pair of skinnies and roll them up a bit for some added winter flare, or tuck in a pair matching your boots to add some added length to your legs.

2) Neutrals Solve All

I know the hot pink ones are calling your name, but it’s just impractical. Find a pair that’s in a rich neutral shade. It’ll go with everything and elevate your look.

3) Keep The Length of The Boot In Mind

It matters, trust me. Of course, get the length that’s going to be more practical for your lifestyle; but I love a good mid-length (just above the ankle but nowhere near the knee). I find it’s easier to style with my wardrobe.

4) Pair It Minimally

Winter style isn’t meant to be complicated. I love color-blocking neutrals with my boots. It also helps to keep clean, chic lines to avoid looking like we did when our moms layered just about everything on us before going to school.

5) Don’t Forget The Sway In your Step

Which is why comfort is such a big deal. Make sure you find a pair of boots that are both warm and comfortable to walk in… or else you’ve lost your most important accessory – your confidence. This Ecco Ukiuk pair has a built-in heeled slope, on top of it’s comfy slipper-life insides… which gives you that extra boost and sway.



Keep these 5 tips in mind and I promise you’ll realize that winter-styling is easier than we thought. Bring it on winter, you’ve met your Jane Snow (for all you John Snow, Game of Thrones fans out there) sunglass emoji

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