Making Activewear Wearable Beyond The Gym

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I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find it hard to swallow the fact that I’m paying upwards of $100 for a pair of leggings or a sports bra, just for me to sweat in. I’m one of those people stuck between the fact that I love and appreciate good activewear for what it does, but that I’m also always out for a bargain.


Over the past year, I’ve been amping up my gym-routine (going consistently around 3 times a week, at least). That being said, I was washing my same 3 Lululemon leggings for the longest time and couldn’t take it anymore (they also started pilling sadly, probably because of the amount of times I washed them). So I made a decision to start investing in more activewear and just biting the bullet.

What I’ve realized through my transition is that if you shop for activewear in a smart way, you can actually stretch its use outside of the gym.

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Yeah, yeah, I know – no leggings outside of the gym. 

Personally, I think this philosophy is bullshit. A couple reasons: 1) you wear whatever the hell you want to wear – if it’s comfortable and makes you happy, girrrl, you do you, 2) I think leggings can be an amazing addition to an outfit (wearing a nice pair of leggings can subtly compliment your look to perfection).

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As you can see, I’m quite passionate about this subject. If there’s something I can personally say I hate, it’s people shaming other people’s style. What you like may not be what I’m attracted to, but if it’s your thing, I’m not one to tell you what to feel happy in. Fashion bibles like Vogue would probably never work with me for this reason haha. 


I believe that your style is yours to own and to satisfy no one else but yourself.

That being said, I was completely drawn to this pair of Bench Baddah leggings when I saw it. The print drew me in initially because I thought it was marble haha but I actually love the fact that it actually utilizes lightning visuals.


For me (as you all probably know by now), I like my clothes to speak to me, to feel inspired by them. And these leggings definitely do just that.

When I put them on to head to the gym, they give me this electrifying energy (I know, cheesy right?!). Normally I find patterned pants don’t flatter my figure too well, but the high-waisted, long lines, and dark background actually make my legs feel super long.


On those days where I DO WEAR LEGGINGS OUTSIDE OF THE GYM, I pair it up like this – with a cozy knit that just covers my bum and some cute grey booties (these are from Sante Shoes and are incredibly comfy, as to be expected by anything I wear haha). Bench. also makes all their leggings with pretty thick, opaque materials, so you don’t have to fear about having a transparent-legging-sitch.

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I still like to go for a sporty/basic look when I wear my leggings or any piece of activewear outside of the gym – pairing it with a hat (normally a cap or beanie of sorts), a pair of cool sunnies, and a trendy backpack.


This backpack from Bench is actually my favourite for everything right now. It’s probably the most convertible accessory I have. It’s a tote, backpack and foldable oversized clutch. Yes, this means I use it as my gym bag, my subway bag, and a stylish accessory. I initially picked it up as a gym bag but woot woot for my money really stretching its use.

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If this post does nothing else at all, I hope it inspires you to not be afraid to wear your activewear outside of the gym. There’s so much stigma around it – I hate it. If it makes you feel good, do it. You can wear it like I do or find your own way to make use of it. And think about it, if you do fall into a gym slump, you won’t feel like you’ve wasted your money! It’ll probably always remind you to get back into it too haha


So here’s to breaking more fashion rules and being inspired by your stylish vision – no matter what any tabloid or fashion bible has to say!

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What do you think about leggings or activewear outside of the gym? Do you support it?


  • Thuy says:

    Love this:

    1) “you wear whatever the hell you want to wear – if it’s comfortable and makes you happy, girrrl, you do you” and love this

    2) I believe that your style is yours to own and to satisfy no one else but yourself.

  • Alice says:

    Love your writing, always gives me a giggle! Agree that with some mindful consideration and a good eye, certain gym clothes are totally acceptable outside of working out! Really depends on styling too. Love the oversized sweater and the leggings!

    xo, Alice | Miss Inconnue

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