Matching Coordinate Sets: Tips On Buying Them

There’s a lot of things I love in this life… and most of them, I’ve realized with age, are the easy things. Those are the ones that last. And in my true metaphor-loving Mel form, I’ve also realized that this goes for my outfits and style as well. I naturally gravitate towards the things that make me feel the best, with the least amount of effort. Who’s with me? 

Enter: Coordinate sets. Matching Sets. Whatever you want to call them.

At first, my impression of coordinate sets were that they were too fussy. Why buy two things to put together an outfit when I could just buy one dress and get it over with, right? Why put on two pieces when you could just throw on one and go? 

But then I realized… it’s a bargain. For most coordinate sets, you’re getting multiple pieces that (if chosen wisely) can actually turn into multiple outfits, not just one. Not to mention, a statement coordinate set already has you looking like the statement piece of any room. 

After this realization, I’ve become absolutely obsessed with picking up coordinate sets. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely pick up a set that you’ll wear once, and never again, but here’s what I look for to find those bargain-worthy coordinate sets and pieces that will stand the test of time, with or without their counterparts. 





1. Try to buy it in a neutral colour

Not that there’s anything wrong with colour, but if you’re looking to separate the pieces to wear with others in your closet, the safest bet is to find a neutral colour that’s going to go with more rather than less.














2. Pay attention to your mid section

… not in a self conscious way. Rather, notice where the top might end (is it cropped, is it long, does it have anything hanging from it like a bow), and how high the bottom piece comes (is it high waisted, low waisted, etc), as it’ll impact what you’ll be able to pair it with at home. 















3. How seasonal is it?

This is a question I ask myself before I buy anything at all trendy. Does it have lasting power? Although that disco-ball printed coordinate set might excite you right now, they might not be the great long lasting pieces you’re looking for to stand the test of time













4. How wearable is it?

There’s nothing sexier than a 2 piece that has you ready to hit the club, but that might not be the coordinate set you want to invest a top dollar in. Ask yourself whether the pieces are ones that could carry you throughout your day from morning to night. If one of the 2 pieces does that for you, it’s got some lasting power in your closet.









I recently fell in love with this 2 piece coordinate set (linen tie top and the linen culottes) from my Le Chateau family. It actually inspired me to write this piece and be more reflective of how I was purchasing this new trend I was obsessed with.

This coordinate set is actually a part of Le Chateau’s My Size Rox collection designed by Roxy Earle, and was inspired by inclusivity for all women and all body types. The collection goes from size 00-22 and I could not be prouder to support such an awesome initiative. Inspiring messaging aside, this coordinate set has quickly become such a go-to for me. It’s neutral creme palette looks great together or apart (I wear the pants with an oversized sweater all the time). The stretchy pinstripe material is not only comfortable, but versatile to match with other solids or even another print. Basically, it’s the mecca of all coordinate sets. 


I hope this helped to perhaps inspire you to go out there are try a coordinate set or perhaps think twice about that fish-printed set that has now become your pj set. Here’s to making each piece in our closet count!

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Are you a fan of coordinate sets? Do you like this cream version?