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Backstory : Growing up, I never really had too big of an issue with my skin. I went through a little stint of acne around puberty, but that was about it. It was never really that bad. I thought I was in the clear. I wasn’t.

Fast forward a decade and I’ve now been blessed with some really horrible adult acne. Perhaps it’s my hormones telling me I’m getting older and they hate me or something? I know that’s not the case, but it’s definitely how it feels when I wake up with a new pimple every day. For the past 3 months or so, I’ve been desperate. I stopped using my Proactiv (I’ve been using it since I was 14) because it’s generally stopped working; but hadn’t found anything to really take its place.

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I had heard about the huge rage around tea tree oil, so I decided to look up some products a couple months ago. The Body Shop’s Tea Tree oil line was highly reviewed, so I decided to give it a go. AND IT’S AMAZING. In a week, I literally saw my pimples deflate and my acne scars lighten up. I don’t know what it is about the product and I rarely speak this fondly about a singular product, but it’s actually a miracle product. I don’t know how else to phrase it other than, it’s a freaking miracle. #BLESSUP Body Shop, your stuff is amazing.

Ever since I fell in love with The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil products, I decided to continue discovering. I found out that they’re actually celebrating their 40th birthday this year and figured, to celebrate, I would round up my favourite Body Shop miracle products (i.e. the products that really do what they say they do, no bs). They also are kicking off a #EnrichNotExploit campaign that surrounds sustainable beauty and how they’re working to make sure their beauty products don’t affect the beauty of the earth clap emoji AMAZING.

So here are the products I seriously think are miracles and why they’ve had a lasting hold on my beauty regime:

S k i n c a r e Saviours


*CP2_1400_sq   *CP2_1410_sq


These 4 tea tree oil Body Shop products are (like I said) my absolute saviours right now. I use them night and day – cleanser, then toner, then lotion (and the concentrated tea tree oil for spot treatment). Some people find it drying, but for my oily-combination skin, it’s balancing everything out. It also leaves a sort of matte look to your skin (good bye shine). The jumbo bottles are also only $20 (which is a no brainer for me)!

Highlights: Enriched with Community Trade Tea Tree Oil from Kenya

Feels refreshing, removes make up, and when dried, leaves a matte skin look. Find out more here!

Removes last traces of make up, leaves skin feeling softer, and prepped for moisturizer. Find out more here!

Lightweight, non-oily moisturizer, absorbs very quickly, leaves skin with a matte finish. Find out more here!

Must-Have R e f r e s h e r s


CP2_1416_sq   CP2_1422_sq


These Vitamin E and Vitamin C products give the good stuff back to your skin. They’re all super refreshing and lightweight, you automatically feel like your skin looks brighter.

Amazing for setting make up, refreshing make up, or after a long work out. Learn more here! 

Every day use for make up removal, while cleansing, has a sort of exfoliating texture. Learn more here!

Helps with dark circles and puffiness, while protecting and smoothing the eye area. Learn more here!

Energizes you skin, Vitamin C enhances collagen products, elasticity, hydration, and protection. Learn more here!

Effortless M a k e U p



CP2_1434_sq    CP2_1433_sq

I love these light make up products for days you just want to feel effortless. It’s for those “no-makeup” make up looks. These 4 combined are my secret for the “Yes, I just have amazing skin” look wink emoji

Super lightweight, gives light coverage while working on your blemishes, has 3 shades (I blend light and dark for a highlighted look). Learn more here! 

Foam sponge for pigmented application, does it all (apply, smudge, blend). I use it with a light gold shadow. Learn more here!

Perfect for your purse, foldable brush for eyeliner and brows, pigmented, and amazing on the go. Learn more here!

Keeps skin looking matte all day, translucent, and is more like a balm than powder (i.e. no cakiness). Learn more here!

E x f o l i a t i n g Bosses


CP2_1441_sq   CP2_1444_sq


I never used to like exfoliating. In fact, I use to hate it because I felt like it hurt my skin (it does sort of feel like you’re scrubbing your skin off… because you are). But it’s actually good for your skin to remove the dead skin build up on the surface. These are my exfoliator go-tos I use about twice a week.

Massages the skin, leaves your skin super soft, and reaches those hard to reach back spots. Learn more here! 

Gives you a brighter complexion, gently loosens dead skin, stimulates circulation. Don’t need to press too hard. Learn more here!

Made with real rose petals, infused with essence of roses from Britain (TBS even knows the farmers). Invigorating scent, gel texture for smooth application. Learn more here!

Thank you for making all these incredible products Body Shop, 40 years and going strong. Woot Woot #TBS40 girl hand out emoji

They seriously deserve every last beauty guru’s applaud, because they truly are a company pioneering the world of beauty in the right direction. Formula, technology, and pretty packaging aside, their roots are genuine, and true. That’s something that a lot of brands loose sight of these days.

So keep doing you, Body Shop. You’re doing great things… and never stop making these products. I will likely wilt away and die emoji

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Do you like The Body Shop’s products? Any of these your favourite?


  • Lii says:

    I used to use the teatree oil products when I still had some more pimples, and I loved it! I love the smell of teatree oil, it’s one of my favourites! But now it is too drying for me and I’ve had to move to more moisturising products.

    • Mel says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience Lii! I definitely feel like it purifies really deep (and doesn’t leave too much moisture) – but right now, I definitely need it haha I’m going through some crazy pimple phase. Great to hear your experience though 🙂

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