Modern Home Furnishing Items On a Budget

Guys – it has been a stressful couple months of renovations. They’re not kidding when they tell you renovations are stressful. I’m surprised Dave hasn’t strangled me by now TBH haha Mostly because I’m super specific when it comes to what I want the house to look like. We bought this house so that we could rip is apart and make it fully our own… a customized Mel and Dave version. And when you give a Type A person a project like that, well… we go a bit crazy. 

That being said, we’ve also given ourselves a pretty tight budget. This house cost a pretty penny (about a billion of those haha), and we’re just a young millennial couple, trying to make it in this big ol’ world haha 

So I’ve literally spent hours online looking for the best furnishings for our house that both fits my vision of a chic, modern industrial home… but that also doesn’t break the bank. I figured I would share my secret findings with you, because a good deal is only great if you can share it, right? 

Here’s 10 home furnishings that are low-key the cheapest (for the quality) you’ll find on the market. p.s. I’ve bought some of them already and fully tested them out! I got you, fam. 


Good quality furniture is hard to find and sometimes it can be tough to trust the online world for furniture. But trust me, I own almost all of these, and the reviews on Amazon are your best source of truth. And you end up getting so much bang for your buck. 

modern home furnishings



Archibald Mid Century Modern Fabric Accent Chair ($284)

SO worth it. This is the accent chair in my office. It’s the perfect beige that goes with basically everything and any aesthetic. The seller is so accommodating and the size is perfect to curl up with a tea and a book. I love the clean lines, removable cover, and putting it together took me 5 minutes.




modern home furnishings




Leaning Wall Shelf ($79)

Could not find any of these anywhere cheaper than this. I mean, I don’t think IKEA can even beat this price. This is probably the trendiest book shelf right now, and it’s not only sturdy and great quality, it’s less than $100!






modern home furnishings


Industrial Wall Sconce ($271)

I couldn’t find any 3 bulb industrial sconce in any furniture store for less than $500. It was all either designer or far from the quality I wanted. I bought these and they literally look designer. So good!





modern home furnishings




Iron Pipe Shelf Hung Bracket ($120)

When I saw this, I knew I had to have it. I’ve only seen these in restaurants, but they ooze cool. The exposed pipes are so unique (and they really do come as pipes). They’re the perfect piece to add to an accent wall (that’s exactly what I did). I’ve seen a couple bloggers DIY this, but trust me, you do not want to be welding pipes to DIY this haha




modern home furnishings



Metal Cocktail Table ($158 – ON SALE!)

This is the classic coffee table that just about every modern minimalist needs to have in their living room. It’s the perfect size, a beautifully finished piece, and with this price, you won’t even be mad at your friends for not using coasters haha



Small Accessories

Because it’s the little things that add character to your aesthetic right? That and some of these are the best prices I’ve ever found and couldn’t keep them off the list.

modern home furnishings



Farmhouse Cotton Blanket Throw With Fringe ($34)

It’s not even just a throw, but it’s hella cute as a decor piece. I saw this at Anthropologie for $150, and I knew I could find it at a better price on Amazon… did I ever haha





modern home furnishings




Ghost Side Chair ($144)

If there’s a chair that looks good with everything and is trendy AF, it’s this one. I love the look of it in my office/as dining chairs. Surprisingly, these acrylic chairs are really expensive! I’ve only found it as cheap as $200 in stores. 25% off and delivered straight to my door? Yes please.






modern home furnishings




Essential Oil Diffuser ($39)

You cannot find one of these things for cheaper, at least not for this size. It covers my entire first floor. And I am obsessed with diffusers. Candles are super cute but I hardly ever light them. This thing does all the heavy lifting! And it’s significantly cheaper than my $100 version, that’s half the size, from a brand name. 




modern home furnishings



Love Arrow Decal ($4.69)

The cutest decal ever! I have it saved to throw up on the wall behind our bed when our master bedroom is done. And for $5, if I forget where it is and need to buy a new one… I mean, I won’t even feel bad. There are actually so many cute decals on Amazon!




Throw Pillows

Yes. I have committed an entire section just for throw pillows. This is mostly because I feel like stores charge ridiculous amounts for throw pillows when they really shouldn’t be. That and I like to rotate my throw pillows as a way to make me feel like I’m redecorating when I get that itch. At these prices, you won’t even feel like you’re spending any money at all when you do it!

modern home furnishings




Let’s Cuddle Pillow ($11)







modern home furnishings




Hangood Throw Pillow Cover ($1 -YEAH. $1) 







modern home furnishings




Compass Throw Pillow Cover ($10)







modern home furnishings





Monogram Throw Pillow Case ($10)





modern home furnishings




Mongolian Faux-Fur Pillow ($20.28)







The answer is yes, I have this many throw pillows. And yes, Dave hates it. But at these prices, he can’t even complain haha we gotta treat ourselves right? My treat just happens to be throw pillows. I hope you enjoyed this round up! It gives you a sneak peak into the final finished product of our home. Until then, I look forward to be twinsies in our home aesthetics! Happy home decor shopping… on a budget (the best type of shopping)!

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  • Totally loving these pieces! I’m getting inspired to do some re-decorating!

    • Mel

      Aw thanks Rach! Totally! I feel like fall-winter is such a good time to redecorate. We spend so much more time at home in the winter haha