“Mrs. Claus” Campaign Launch & Celebrating Women

The holidays are by far my favourite part of the year. It’s not about the presents, the feasts, or even the beautiful lights. It’s about the warmth, the love, and the happiness that it brings.

mrs. claus

They do, however, also include a lot of hard work. It’s not an easy feat to put together unforgettable moments to share with family and friends. And, although I myself am not a mom nor your average Suzy Homemaker, I definitely stress a little bit (trying to get everything together to make it the best holiday season ever, obvi emoji).

mrs. claus

When I heard about Upper Canada Mall‘s #IAmMrsClaus campaign, I was instantly inspired. It’s an incredible initiative that puts the spotlight on females – who are often overlooked (cough, Santa Claus, I’m looking atchu) – but who truly hold the holidays together.

We all remember growing up seeing our moms slave over the stove whilst still somehow balancing gift-wrapping, shopping, and managing our wish lists. And although times have changed, and I will give credit to the men stepping up to the occasion, it’s so amazing to see women being celebrated for their hard work.

mrs. claus

I had the immense pleasure of being a part of Upper Canada Mall’s kick off for their “I Am Mrs. Claus” campaign; and it was an absolute blast. The discussion and panel included asking Mrs. Claus some unconventional questions about how she handles the holidays. Her responses were pretty badass.

How do you manage everything Mrs. Claus?

I’m not exactly your average girl – I do it all. I have my own businesses, but I’m also the secret weapon behind Mr. Claus’ operations… his silent partner in crime! Who do you think keeps everything chugging along in the North Pole?

What’s a not-so-average go-to holiday outfit?

Some white vegan fur, white lace, and sexy lingerie set… maybe a silk robe too.

mrs. claus   mrs. claus

mrs. claus

I’m so proud to be supporting this campaign that really thanks women for all the effort they put into the holidays. Each and every one of you females are Mrs. Claus and you deserve all the milk and cookies there are in the world (or diamonds wink emoji). YOU are the reason that the holidays are as special as they are. No more hiding behind Mr. Claus!

mrs. claus

mrs. claus mrs. claus

Upper Canada Mall’s Mrs. Claus (who happens to be fellow blogger friend Lace and Braids and truly is a living manifestation of Mrs. Claus) walked us through an easy snow globe DIY, her favourite looks for the season, a gift guide curated by hers truly, and obviously, tips on how to get through a hectic holiday season.

Mrs. Claus’ Recommendations?

Leverage PINTEREST to get your ideas together. You won’t waste any time!
Pamper yourself (think mani-pedi in between shopping). We’re all about longevity – it’s a marathon, not a race.
No one has time for line ups. Hit the mall during off-hours (lunch-hour?) and take advantage of extended mall hours.
Out of time and ideas? Gift cards are appreciated, not lazy.

mrs. claus

mrs. claus

We were all clearly taking notes! It was truly so incredible to see women come together to celebrate other women. You all know that I’m all about the go-getter, modern woman – so this campaign was totally up my alley! That and it totally motivated me to get a start on my holiday to-do list.

Sending so much love and props to the incredible women who spearheaded this initiative. Their dedication to the Mrs. Claus campaign is immensely inspiring.

mrs. claus

If you ever needed more motivation to get your butt up to Upper Canada Mall, this should do it. I’m all about the people behind the business. That and you’ll beat the downtown crowds and overcrowded stores by heading uptown a bit. And trust me, they’ve got every store you’re looking for. I’ll definitely be doing my Christmas shopping there!

So put on your Mrs. Claus pants, remember that you’re always harder on yourself than anyone else is, and that YOU are an amazing woman girl hand out emoji

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How do you embody Mrs. Claus and tackle the holidays?