Must-Haves To Maintain Inspiration

If you’re surrounded by things that inspire you, logic would dictate, you will be inspired.

mel inspired

New years is possibly the most interesting man-made social phenomenon. Something about the second past midnight on January 1st gives everyone this sense of newness and the perception of a clean slate. I love it. Even if it’s just really time moving (I think about this stuff like relativity of time – blah) the positive vibes it sends us in the matter of seconds is just incredible. Career moves, health changes, and resolutions of all sorts are just great things; it’s a shame New Years only happens once a year. Let’s also just ignore the fact that I would say 80% of those resolutions become obsolete past the first month.

Perhaps we lose that inspiration? That spark that initiated the resolution and made us motivated enough to think we could fulfill it? The loss of inspiration was my trigger to really try and live through the philosophy: always surround yourself with motivating, inspiring things (plus, it was a great excuse to go out and find new years presents to me, from me). 

Here’s my round up of things that I picked up for the new year, to keep my trains moving and to set my sights higher. Let me know in the comments what your favs are and what you do as a pick-me-up when the new year comes around!

inspiring must haves

Voluspa – Makassar Ebony & Peach Candle ($30.00)

There’s nothing like a new scent floating through your room, condo, or home to make you feel like you’re a new person. This is my absolute fav from Voluspa, who’s candles (although perhaps a bit pricey) are made with a clean burning coconut wax (none of that plastic garbage) and 100% cotton wick.

Orly – LED Lamp ($60.00)

This was both a luxury pick-me-up and a money-saver investment! I normally go to the salon every 2 weeks (costing on average $30.00 each time). I’ll admit I was hesitant about doing shellac gel on myself at home but it works phenomenally and it’s giving my plastic money a rest!

Indigo – Subway Art Believe Journal ($10.99)

I know, I know, writing stuff down is so 2000s. Something about a beautiful looking journal makes my thoughts run wilder, farther, and bigger. I always keep an inspiring journal with me (sitting pretty beside my iPad).

Pandora – Silver Ring ($35.00)

This was a really personal thing. Every once in a while, I reflect back on my relationship with myself (arguably the most important one to have) and find the need to do something to remind me of that relationship. This was a little promise ring to do just that.

Ikea – Gaspa White Sheets ($35.00)

There’s nothing like coming back from a long day of hustling and getting into fresh white linens. I like patterned sheets, but something about a crisp white bed makes me go to sleep and wake up feeling just a bit more fresh (I know, it’s all in the mind). This may not hold up and these sheets may get ruffled and dirty (I’m normally not too good with white things), but it was the perfect addition to the new year inspo list.

Victoria’s Secret – Bras ($30.00 each)

Feel sexy. Always. Bras are such a great way to show support to your womanhood (those gals are beauties and they need some extra tender love and support). Something about a new bra makes you feel like you can conquer the world with your sexiness – and this confidence is an amazing thing to kick off the year with. (also… VS was having their semi-annual sale, so I couldn’t resist)