My Delysees Discovery & The Perfect Macarons

Macarons are easily one of the most trending tasty-delights right now – they can be found on Instragram feeds, Twitter updates, and Facebook posts around the world. But it’s for a damn good reason. I could rant about how a perfect macaron (albeit being a whopping $2.50+ per bite) can brighten up my day till my face goes blue – but there really aren’t enough words to describe the transcending experience that this fluffy bite-sized pastry brings about.


This craze has inspired my own personal adventure: a constant search for the best patisseries out there (and along with it, the perfect macarons). Although my numero uno is the quality of their macarons (must be just the right amount of crunchy and soft, right sweetness level, concentration of flavor, etc.), I’ve come to find so many other treasures at these patisseries (not the mention the sweetest lovers of life)!

My discovery of Delysees was very serendipitous. A couple girlfriends and I (@thelustlistt & @hellosylviaa) just happened to be at a meeting across the street that ended a bit early, so we popped in to congratulate ourselves after a hard days work. I had heard of Delysees (and their perfect macarons) before but never got the chance to stop by and check it out.

perfect macarons

I must say, I believe I’ve found a contender for #1. It wasn’t just their perfect macarons (which are engineered to a science), but it was the service, the ambience, the intimacy, and most of all, the authenticity of French culture in the patisserie. As we walked into the patisserie, we were quickly greeted and asked if we had been there before. Naturally, me and my galpals whipped out our phones and began snapping pics.

The owner and workers loved our enthusiasm and began sharing all their favourites and insights with us. It made learning about the patisserie such an experience and more than just a “which ones? here? $20.22 please. thanks. bye” interaction, which I’ve had at several patisseries.

A few other highlights: they spoke French inside (authentic emoji), they have a glass wall that looks into their kitchen (I was like a kid in Willy Wonka’s Factory), and their flavours are exotic (I’ll try anything black sesame funny monkey). 

perfect macarons

The owner was ever so kind and gifted us a gold eclair for it being our first time here. It was the most beautiful pastry I’ve ever eaten. I don’t know how they get that beautiful gold foil but whatever it is, it’s delicious.

If you’re located in Toronto, are picky about perfect macarons, and want a truly authentic patisserie experience – you’ve got to hit this place up. The entire experience was flawless from start to finish. There’s nothing like a space that gives you an escape. After a long day, there’s nothing that keeps me inspired more.

Where are your favourite patisseries and macaron joints? Give me your secrets!

mel inspired


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